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one last thing….

So, before I called it a night I was practicing that quadruple forward flip I did at the White House the other day….

….and just having one last look at that completely random photo…

….and then my email went “Ding!” and I saw this……

You know who you are, you bundle of loveliness ;-)

Thank you so much!


night everyone

President Obama tours a cargo inspection facility at the Bridge of the Americas in El Paso, Texas, May 10. (Photo by Pete Souza)


Completely random photo from today:


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated here – despite all the glitches – to Obama/Biden 2012 through The Obama Diary page on the OFA site. Just $60 more and we’ve reached our modest target … hey, every dollar counts!


As Vice President Biden walked from the White House to Blair House today for the second round of deficit negotiations, reporters asked him to respond to claims by Osama bin Laden’s sons that the killing of the Al Qaeda leader was “illegal”.

After a brief hesitation, Biden turned and responded with a smile:

“Are you kidding me?”



Completely random photo from today:


See you tomorrow ;-)

PS: Completely random photo from today:


was me4obama in texas today?

(El Paso, May 10 – Original YouTube video here)


austin (video added)

President Obama walks on stage at a DNC campaign fundraising event at Austin City Limits Moody Theater

TODers spotted in the audience

Random photo from earlier today :???:


el paso

Text of President’s speech today here

President Obama greets service members and well wishers after stepping off Air Force One at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso, Texas



Mounted Border Patrol officers stand watch as the motorcade of President Obama drives past

President Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tour the Bridge of America Cargo Facility in El Paso during their visit to the U.S.-Mexico border

President Obama checks confiscated items at a border post between the US and Mexico

President Barack Obama greets the crowd after speaking about immigration reform at Chamizal National Memorial Park in El Paso



Eric Boehlert, 2010 (a senior fellow with Media Matters, a progressive research center): “I don’t think there are Republican polling firms that get as good a result as Rasmussen does. Their data looks like it all comes out of the RNC [Republican National Committee].”

Nate Silver concluded that Rasmussen’s polls were the least accurate of the major pollsters in 2010, having an average error of 5.8 points and a pro-Republican bias of 3.9 points according to Silver’s model. He singled out as an example the Hawaii Senate Race, which Rasmussen showed the incumbent 13 points ahead, where he in actuality won by 53 – a difference of 40 points, or “the largest error ever recorded in a general election in FiveThirtyEight’s database, which includes all polls conducted since 1998.”


promises, promises….

by Bobfr:

The ads not only ‘write themselves’; they’re written.

Republicans promised jobs, instead they attacked Medicare

Republicans promised jobs, instead they attacked women

Republicans promised jobs, instead they focused on disenfranchising young, disabled and elderly voters

Republicans promised jobs, instead they voted tax payer dollars to subsidize big oil

Republicans promised jobs, instead the blocked job creation and essential 21st Century infrastructure

And on and on and on.

Reality is that the Republicans now not only own the deficit, an illegal war on Iraq; fanatical attacks on American women and girls; monomaniacal commitment of tax breaks for the wealthy, corporations and subsidies for big oil; intentional disenfranchisement of voters; and active blockade of implementation of 21st Century infrastructure – they own unemployment. And I assure you the Democrats in the White House and Congress are not about to bail them out of any of it.

Come Election Day 2012 Americans will have one thing to say to Republicans – You’re FIRED


Bob, I want you working for the campaign: now!


the family values folks

NYT: Callista Bisek’s friends from rural Wisconsin were stunned when, well over a decade ago, she confided that she was secretly dating an older, married man: Newt Gingrich. (She was) still in her 20s when they met …

Today, Ms. Bisek is Mrs. Gingrich, married for 11 years, but perhaps best remembered for the six-year affair that contributed to her husband’s political downfall. His critics cast Mr. Gingrich as a hypocrite who sought to impeach a president over infidelity while engaging in it himself with Ms. Bisek, who was a Congressional aide.

….As he prepares for a Republican presidential primary run Mr. Gingrich is presenting himself as a family man who has embraced Catholicism and found God, with his wife as a kind of character witness….

Barely a sentence goes by without Mr. Gingrich uttering the words “Callista and I.” They are constantly together … she is the voice on his audio books; her face is all over his 2012 Web site, where visitors can read “A Note from Newt & Callista”.

…Mr. Gingrich is well aware that social conservatives are skeptical of him because of his two divorces and admission of infidelity. He has been meeting with religious leaders around the country to address their concerns.

…At 45, 22 years her husband’s junior … she runs Gingrich Productions, making documentaries in conjunction with Citizens United, the nonprofit group that drew national attention in a Supreme Court case last year.

…The same friends who tried to talk her out of out of dating him more than a decade ago have concluded that she knew what she was doing, and are banking that voters will forgive and forget. Karen Olson, best friend of Mrs. Gingrich, summed up their history in what might just become a campaign catchphrase:

“They’re a great couple,” she said, “that had a nontraditional start.”

Full article here






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