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Chat On!

President Obama greeting student performers on stage during the White House Talent Show today

Look at those faces!


Hiya everyone, a gazillion x a gazillion thanks for the very wonderful response to Henry Healy’s request today for items for the Moneygall Visitor Center – but stupid me, I should have clarified: I’ll only send on Henry’s address to people I know from TOD. So, apologies to those who emailed me looking for his address, but if I don’t know you, I won’t pass it on – hope you understand.

Will return emails to everyone else tomorrow, promise!


Turnaround Talent

@petesouza: Surprise! Kids and the First Lady react to seeing President Obama, when he stopped by the WH Talent Show today




First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama at a talent show in the East Room of the White House, May 20. President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities held the first-ever White House Talent Show featuring performances by major artists and showcasing the talents of students from schools participating in the Turnaround Arts program which helps to turn around low-performing schools and increase student achievement through arts education



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Chat Away



A Message from Henry Healy

by @HenryHealy

Hello to all my friends at The Obama Diary!

I hope you are keeping well.

We have great news in Moneygall! A visitor centre named after President Obama, which will focus on his ancestry, will open in two weeks’ time.

It will serve as a welcoming point into the ancestral home of the President and will tell the story of his Irish Ancestry and of that historic trip to Moneygall on 05/23/11 (3 years this Friday).

We will also highlight the other 21 American Presidents with Irish ancestry and many more famous Irish Americans. It will be an Oasis on the M7 Motorway, only 1.5 hours from Dublin.

This centre will be free to visit and I have been tasked with getting memorabilia for the area.

I was wondering if any of The Obama Diary’s followers would like to send us anything connected with President Obama, his 1st election, inauguration and the subsequent election and inauguration, that we could put on display in the centre?

If people are willing to share badges, bumper stickers, newspapers, election posters, etc, we would be delighted.

We understand people would like to keep these items, but maybe if they had duplicates – eg two copies of the same newspaper or magazine – they might consider sending them to me.

(Note from Chips: Anyone who would like to send items to Henry, just email me at and I will give you his address)

We want this to be an exciting location with lots for people to see, so hopefully the dedicated The Obama Diary contributors and followers can send something to us for our exhibitions – and when you visit Moneygall, we will ensure you all receive the warmest of welcomes!

Kind Regards to everyone at The Obama Diary, and many thanks,



President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet Henry Healy, the President’s distant cousin, after arriving in Moneygall, Ireland, May 23, 2011 (Photo by Pete Souza)

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