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Barack Obama: Moral Courage in the face of Hatred

by @zizii2

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,

but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Truer words were never spoken.

President Obama, ONCE AGAIN showed last night in his Immigration Executive Order speech, that he is guided by deep moral convictions that do not bend like a willow to breeze or choppy storms. Not even when lightening strikes, will you find this steeled man flinching an iota from his true North Star. He’s real. He’s Sui Generis. He follows the teachings of the leader of his faith. “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, and “I am My brother’s (and sister’s) keeper”

Obama Immigration

Time and again, this President of ours demonstrates that the core of his moral fiber is never perturbed by fame, glitz, nor rancid hate. Yet time and again observers and the bobbleheads are Shocked! Shocked that President Obama does not sway to the beltway religion or its airheaded acolytes. He’s called no drama Obama for a reason. He neither gets carried away when things are rosy. And neither does he sink into despair when things are rough.

We here on TOD know that he’s always focused on the long road. He’s always guided by the circuitous path that our forebears have trodden to gain their freedom, be they slaves, or Native Americans, or immigrants aboard ships into the unknown West, or women, or gays, or refugees fleeing war or economic peril. He’s learned the lesson of their tenacity over loooooooooong stretches of time.

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Ebola: Victims, Heroes and a cynical Western Media

Ebola: Victims, Heroes and a Cynical Western Media

by @zizii2

US mid-term elections are over. The GOP and corporate media allies’ Willie-Horton-like exploitation of the Ebola disease to gin up stratospheric fear has suddenly vanished from our airwaves.

h/t Eric Bohlert

h/t Eric Bohlert

Over in Europe, rightwing xenophobic politicians are copying the GOP playbook.



West African travelers and immigrants to Europe and the US are facing the full brunt of media-sanctioned hysteria, as the ugly stench of racism wafts in the air disguised as “health and safety protocols.”

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A Different Take On The Election

A different take on the election

by @zizii2

Much handwringing over the Democratic party’s electoral fortunes has taken place this past week. Teabaggers are ecstatic. The most loathesome wingnuts are going to make our lives even more miserable than we have already endured. Some young people justify young voter apathy by saying Democrats did not give them what they wanted, as shown below in the Carl Gibson piece titled:

Open Letter to Democrats From a Disillusioned Young Voter


And Democratic Party leaders will probably learn the wrong lessons and move further repub-lite.

I think differently about what happened. I believe what we are seeing is the brick wall that Coalition Politics slams into when the regular institutions of Democracy have been irreparably subverted and perverted by oligarchs and their political minions who have convinced many Americans that nihilism is their birthright. What do I mean?


Normally, in a democracy, aspiring politicians and party platforms woo voters with promises of what they will DO for said voters, and the campaigns go full steam ahead in competition. And whoever wins tries to maintain voter approval and possible reelection based on their ability to account to the voter. Otherwise how do you win power again, right?

Wrong. Voters? What voters? GOP-Oligarchs’ answer to electoral imperatives and demographic change, is to shrink the electorate till they could “drown it in a bathtub”!

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Shame on ABC and CNN for exploiting Foley tragedy

This past week saw American corporate media at one of its criminally shameful worst. And there is gross competition for how low they can go. Brian Ross of ABC news led the pack in exploiting the grief of James Foley’s family to push utterly offensive nonsense that the White House was derelict in pursuing efforts to rescue James Foley from the grip of the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL/IS). At the heart of this spurious attack is the media’s sensational headline that Foley’s mother claims that the Obama administration threatened them with prosecution if they paid ransom money to the militants to secure their son’s release.


Bam! That framing was all that was needed to shift focus away from the heinous actions of the militants, to the virulent and cynically profitable blame-Obama-for-any-and-all-horror-that-happens-in-the-world syndrome in our political zeitgeist. And like clockwork, the rest of the media, politicians, and many commentators were baited and hooked by this media scam, including, I’m sorry to say, the Foley family itself.

Brian Ross

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