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2014: 50 Most Memorable Moments

Mainly a smile or two – 50 to 11 in no particular order, but top 10 = top 10!


50 TODers All Through 2014

Too many Memorable Moments to mention. The Muhammad Ali of bloggy people: The Greatest :-)

(Although, Amk’s wimmin jokes float like a bee, and sting like a butterfly)


49 Dead

Doug Mills’ photo prompted a gazillion captions, but some pics just say it all :-)


48 Making Special New Friends on Twitter


47 The President Making New Friends Around The World

‘Welcome Mr. President – PS In Netherlands, we give three kisses’



46 Genius Gifs


45 Babies


44 Joy

President Obama greets patrons at Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, Calif., July 24, 2014 (Photo by Pete Souza)


43 Beauty

Carolina Garcia Delfin, 94, a Filipina nurse who fought in the resistance against Japanese forces during World War II, kisses President Obama after he mentioned her in his remarks to American and Philippine troops at Fort Bonifacio in Manila, Philippines (Photo by Pete Souza)


42 ‘Gov. Christie Traffic Jam’


41 OMG! It’s him!1!1!

First Lady Michelle Obama and student performers react to seeing President Obama as he drops by the White House Talent Show (Photo by Pete Souza)


40 The New White House Videographer


39 Danny Hating On His Attention-Rival: TOD


38 Funniest. Vine. Ever.


37 Cracking Up The President

Still have no clue what Lily Tomlin said, but it must have been a complete hoot :-)


36 Turnip For What?


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Michelle Obama: Fabulous, Fun, Fantastic


The “FLOTUS Side Step”


Neha Prakash: 10 Michelle Obama Dance Moves That Prove 50 Is Fabulous


The “We Don’t Care If We Embarrass Our Kids”



The “Just Dancing With my Husband to Beyonce”


The “Muppet Jiggy”


The “White House Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now”


Michelle Obama: A Woman Of Character



Vogue: Michelle Obama: A Woman Of Substance

The most important thing Obama has done for women in terms of fashion is give them a sense of liberation to explore and experiment. Even when she is doing a sack race in the White House with Jimmy Fallon, her exercise clothes are original. “First Lady Michelle Obama has freed America from the old rules of style, from the idea that fashion has to be exclusive, that there’s one right way to dress and one group of arbiters to set the standard. She projects a new kind of glamour that is relaxed, fun, and deeply democratic,” says author Gioia Diliberto. “In subtle but fundamental ways, Michelle has transformed how we dress.

“I have always said I design for the thinking man’s sex symbol, and she defines it in every way,” says Prabal Gurung. “Every time she wears something of mine, it has given my seamstresses and tailors, my factories here in the Garment District a new zeal. They have felt a sense of pride, a renewed sense of purpose and hope. More important, what she has done is give millions of people back home in Nepal and around the world a message, a hope that with perseverance, hard work, and integrity, the dream that came true for me could also be theirs.”

She is never out of fashion for a simple reason that has nothing to do with the runway seasons: “Everyone talks about Michelle Obama’s sense of style and the firmness of her arms. It is true she loves clothes and looks amazing, and I love to see her wear vibrant colors and interesting bias cuts and show her fit and strong body,” says von Furstenberg. “But what comes across is her incredible intelligence, her caring being, her true substance. That fabric is indestructible and very colorful. It is called character.”

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