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President Barack Obama walks in the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn, Aug. 3, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)




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51% …… in texas!

Politicususa: A new poll released by the non-profit non-partisan group Texas Lyceum found that President Obama is almost as popular as Gov. Rick Perry in the Lone Star State. The poll found that President Barack Obama’s 51% Texas approval rating is only 3 points behind that of Governor Rick Perry (54%).

…In 2008 McCain beat Obama by 10 points in Texas, but where the Obama campaign sees hope for 2012 is in the fact that the President got 63% of the Latino vote in 2008, and 1.5 million more Spanish speaking voters will be eligible to go to the polls in 2012.

As Politico reported, “The spike in voting-eligible Hispanics offers a tantalizing prospect for Democratic strategists who have yearned to flip Texas ever since John Judis and Ruy Teixeira published their landmark book, “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” which predicted just such a shift nine years ago.”

Republicans counter with the argument that five Hispanic Republicans were elected to the Texas House in 2010, and there is no evidence that Texas will be in play in 2012 …. A lot can change between now and next fall, but the long predicted bluing of Texas could take its next step towards becoming a reality in 2012.

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’47% to 37% – obama v generic gop’

Pew Research: Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential election, 47% of voters would like to see President Barack Obama reelected, while 37% would prefer a Republican candidate take the White House.

…Obama does about as well in his hypothetical election matchup as President George W. Bush did in April 2003, a time when Bush enjoyed very high approval ratings (72%) on the heels of the start of the Iraq war.

Obama’s current approval rating is 51% and most Americans (74%) remain unsatisfied with the state of the nation. Working in Obama’s favor, however, is that most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of the opposition political party – 51% have an unfavorable view of the GOP – and he remains personally popular (58% have a favorable view of Obama).

Obama also does considerably better than Bill Clinton did in March 1995. At this stage in his presidency, Clinton had a lower approval rating (44%) and faced a much stronger GOP (67% favorable).

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