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2012: An image or two …. August

Um, new deadline for 2012 video completion: Inauguration Day. 2017. Kidding. Ish. :???:

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“Understand Your Power: Don’t Give It Away”



3:30 ET: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event in Charlottesville, Virgina


I watched some of the GOP convention today …. mainly with the sound switched off. Seriously. I have zero interest in hearing what those execrable race-baiting bigots have to say.

But what struck me – and it’s hardly a surprise – was the sea of mean, hate-filled faces, the ugliest sample of humanity I’ve had the misfortune to witness in a very long time.

They’re not even there to support Romney, they’re just there to oppose the black guy, and are emboldened in Tampa to spew their bile because they’re surrounded by their fellow bigots. A communal spirit.

We joke sometimes about the GOP’s lack of diversity, but today’s scene really was something else, if the aliens landed and assumed this audience was representative of America in 2012, they’d have assumed the country was populated by nothing but angry, bitter whites. And I’m white, so I know an angry, bitter one when I see one.

And they might have wondered about the crusty old guys yee-hawing in delight at declarations that a woman should have absolutely no rights over her own body, even when she’s raped or the victim of incest.

It was stunning.

As Greg Sargent said today, Romney will, most probably, get a boost in the polls from this obnoxious charade …. but then there’ll be the Democratic convention. And, soon enough, there’ll be the debates.

That’s why we should grit our teeth and let this week go, painful as it is to see these pitiful excuses for human beings dominate the news cycle and the MSM giving them a pass each and every time they spit their hate.

Our time will come.

Stay strong.

Register. Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

PS I just watched Ann Romney. I’m going to be polite, for once, even if I now feel physically ill. But I give you this:

I rest my case.


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President Obama arrives at The White House with a bag of apples and peaches he purchased in New Hampshire


One More Time


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And thanks, too, for all the brilliant links and news in the comments today – crikey, you people are severely fired up ;-)


If you have any spare time at all, please consider volunteering for Obama/Biden 2012 – lots of people here have done so already, despite doubting their ability to contribute …. and they’ve loved every single minute of it. No regrets in November, hey? Sign up here


I’m only about a week behind on emails, so I’m very proud of myself :???: Will catch up soon … ish.


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden meet with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon in the Oval Office, Aug. 16, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)







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