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A Very Quick Housekeeping Note

2013 on TOD – note (‘Even’) Amk has 18,656 TOD friends in India


Updated, didn’t want flippin’ Ireland last on the mini-list:


It’s been a gobsmacking journey so far, we’re now closing in on a ridiculous 22 million hits – all of them down to me, needless to say, the mindboggling increase in traffic absolutely nothing to do with UT, LL, LP, Zizi and the rest of the gang.

(True, the post stats suggest otherwise, but: hush now).


Any way, with this very lovely traffic has come a whole bunch of new visitors, several in the last few days, which is fantastic – but please understand that in an attempt to keep out the trolls – and they are many – your comments won’t appear here automatically if you’re a first time visitor.

Have a look here to see how you can comment.

Best advice: sign in with your Twitter account – but if you don’t have one, check that link.

If your account is @BarackObama, you’re good.

Now, chat away – and thank you all, you human cheesy puffs.


Rise and Shine: The Week in Images (And a Word or Two)

@petesouza: President Obama inside a Ford truck following his speech in KC



5:0 EDT: President Obama delivers remarks at a memorial for victims of the Navy Yard shooting; First Lady Michelle Obama also attends


Monday * Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday * Friday * Saturday



@PeteSouza: Lisa Monaco briefs Pres Obama on the shootings today at the Wash Navy Yard


When will it be enough? – by Liberal Librarian



President Obama receives an update on the Washington Navy Yard shootings investigation from FBI Director James Comey, left, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. in the Oval Office (Pete Souza)




by Jacqueline OBoomer

There sits a building, painted white
It glimmers in the bright sunlight
Built by strong, dark hands, without a choice
Built to house a leader, so we’d all have a voice

There sits a building, painted white
It shimmers in the soft twilight
Shadowing strong, dark hands taking their rest
Ghosts of our democracy, who gave it their best

There sits a building, painted white
It dims its lights, overnight
Built by slaves, who also served inside
Where none thought they should ever reside

There sits a building, painted white
We tip our hats to it, day and night
Built by slaves, who’d hang their heads to pray
A man with strong, dark hands would live there someday

There sits a building, painted white
I dare to say it is still quite the sight
For a still young country, yet to fully repent
But now shining light on why their knees were bent






More adventures in our failed media experiment: Part 1,382 – by Liberal Librarian


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Thank You For Visiting, Africa!

Love this, lots of visitors to TOD from Africa in the last week.

Still not a single visitor from, most notably, Greenland, though. :-(


A Shiny New Blog Roll

Morning/afternoon/evening all.

You might possibly have spotted – and you might not – a shiny new blog roll link in the sidebar on the right. It’s still a work in progress, but I just thought it might be handier to have a dedicated page of links to sites we love, rather than having them half way down the page in the sidebar.

Any way, just wanted to ask you all if you have any suggestions for links I should add to the list? Non-Firebagger sites, needless to say, and whatever other newsie places you think are worth including.

Thank you!

Meanwhile, ginormous thanks to UT, LL and LovelyPlains for their splendiferous posts today.

Now, chat away.


PS This is incredible…..



The World We Share

* Visitors to the blog in the last 30 days *

I always smile when I get beautiful messages/emails from ‘non-Americans’ who visit here and apologize for their English – more often than not, their English is considerably better than mine.

I’ve got a whole bunch of these emails the last few days – and I promise I will get around to replying to them all when this craziness is over.

Almost all say they just lurk here and don’t comment, mainly because they think their English isn’t good enough. Now, that’s crazy.

But they all say the same: they are wishing President Obama all the very best, and are praying – to whatever higher power they worship – for his success tonight.

I’m not, for a minute, claiming everyone on the list above is a PBO supporter, but I suspect most of them are – because they know how catastrophic a Romney presidency would be for the world we share.

So, to all those citizens of the world who have got in touch: thank you so much.

Your good wishes are hugely appreciated.


Hey, Hello World!

Blog stats – crikey: hello Trinidad, Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Switzerland (say hi to Mitt’s bank accounts) and Nigeria, and all those minor countries at the top of the list.

The Universe for Obama!

Click here to see a longer list of countries







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