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GOP Bergdahl attack is about Erasing Obama’s National Security Creds

GOP Bergdahl attack is about Erasing PBO’s badass Creds

by @zizii2

It is sickening. It is disgusting. Attack an American POW and his family? Never happened before according to Media Matters. It is a new venal low for the Republican Party that many Americans thought could not sink any lower. Well, they have sunk that far into Hades, and they will do worse, because they have turned into an autoimmune disease that cannot but cannibalistically attack any and all body cells in sight. They’ve destroyed their own humanity and now prey on the rest of us with intent to dismantle the very foundations of our socius. Theirs is a cult of nihilism crossbred with wanton greed performing séances at the altar of the insatiable demon Hate who demands a never ending hatred-orgy at greater velocity every day. No let up.


The vicious frothing we’ve seen since this past weekend from Conservative wingnuts when news broke about the release of POW Bowe Bergdahl, is partly another chapter in Republicans’ unsuccessful attempts to reclaim the mantle of “strong on defense” party. But before we get to their real target, Obama, it is important to pause and let it sink in what they just did to Bowe Bergdahl’s family.


Never before has the family of a serving soldier been attacked for no other reason than their desire to see their child who is held in captivity, brought back home. Think about that. We’ve sung platitudes to the “families of our men and women in uniform,” joined them in tying yellow ribbons to trees in honor of the “brave soldiers,” and saluted their valor at parades, and on Memorial, Veterans, and Armistice Days.

cancellationh/t Aamon. Sad state of our country


We deck cars in “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers while waving American flags. Even at the height of the war in Vietnam when some liberals dissed returning soldiers for serving in an unpopular war, their families were off limits. Nobody thought families were fair game. Yet we’ve just seen Republicans and their megaphone FOX thrust a dagger into the very heart of the common bonds we hold (even hypocritically sometimes) as sacred Americana – flags, men and women in uniform, families and small towns sprucing up and decking streets in bunting and ribbons, kisses and tears of reunion, or standing at solemn attention as Taps waft over flag-draped coffins…. All that now superlaced with the poison of hatred and division. Yeah conservatives “built that”!!! And they PLANNED this ugliness as far back as 2011/2012 because they wanted to turn any possibility of Bowe Bergdahl’s release into President Obama’s “Willie Horton” moment in an election year. Again, let that sink in.

bergdahlThe late Michael Hastings reported this in 2012 in Rolling Stone Magazine


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The conservative movement’s death wish

Conservative lion, adulterer, and all around mensch Dinesh D’Souza decided to get into the Tweet machine and send off a Tweet—since deleted—about what he was grateful for this Thanksgiving.

I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!

When a storm of feces descended upon him in response, he, for a moment, struck a defiant pose, in another since-deleted tweet:

Feigned outrage on the left over me calling Obama ‘grown up Trayvon’ except that Obama likened himself to Trayvon!

Now, Mr. D’Souza is a graduate of Dartmouth, so one would think he had some basic research skills. What President Obama actually said was that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon.” Not that he, Obama himself, was Trayvon. Again, five seconds of Google time would have avoided quite a dust-up.

But that’s neither here nor there. At some very early point, Mr. D’Souza came to the realization that the fellatio he was receiving from his “supporters” didn’t quite outweigh the opprobrium raining down on him. So he did what any stalwart defender of conservative values would do: he deleted the offending Tweets, again proving that conservatives don’t know how the Internet works.

D’Souza’s flameout is just the most glaring example of a conservative movement which has no idea what it’s doing or how to sell itself. From John Boehner fabricating a horror story about signing up for Obamacare—which went up in smoke when HIS OWN STAFF admitted that it took less than an hour to do so—to neo-conservative Defenders of Israel having their heads explode at the thought of no bombing on the ancient culture of Iran, the conservative movement, while not in its death throes, is doing not at all well.

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some things never change….

The right sure are original, eh? Irish-American Catholics, African Americans, so many people to hate….


funniest. headline. ever.







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