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Photos from the Campaign Trail

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

Miami, October 11 (Scout Tufankjian)

First Lady Michelle Obama prepares her absentee ballot (Jocelyn Augustino)

Washington DC, October 12 (Scout Tufankjian)

Washington DC, October 12 (Scout Tufankjian)

La Crosse, Wisconsin, October 12 (Christopher Dilts)

La Crosse, Wisconsin, October 12 (Christopher Dilts)

La Crosse, Wisconsin, October 12 (Christopher Dilts)


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2:45 ET: Michelle Obama speaks at a campaign event at Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware

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5:45 ET: Michelle Obama speaks at a campaign event at Cuyahoga County Community College, Cleveland


A hoot:



From Denver to Madison

Madison, Wisconsin, Oct 4 (NBC)




***** The massive crowd of supporters started arriving before dawn Thursday and waited in a line that stretched forever up and down UW-Madison’s hilly Observatory Drive, all waiting to see President Barack Obama’s afternoon rally and praying that skies, gray and threatening throughout the morning, wouldn’t drop rain.

…. UW police estimated the crowd at 30,000, and what looked like thousands more, all with tickets, were denied admission after officials declared the event at capacity early in the afternoon….

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Michelle Obama at ECU …… look at those crowds First lady Michelle Obama electrified a crowd of 6,000 supporters on Wednesday with the message that every vote will count on Nov. 6.

Obama urged the audience in a 30-minute speech at Minges Coliseum to get family and friends to vote and to visit to register. Her visit was part of a campaign swing through Greenville and Durham.

“This election will be even closer than the last one. It could all come down to what happens in a few key battleground states like North Carolina,” Obama said.

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Three Days In September


Liked the video? Even a tiny bit? Well, if you did, and you have a dollar or two to spare, then, you know….

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President Obama hugs a supporter at the Gator’s Dockside restaurant while campaigning in Orlando, Florida, September 8


by Dudette

My Unconventional Covention Diary

As most of you know, my sister and I were a couple of the unfortunate souls with Community Credentials who had planned to be in the Bank of America stadium for PBO’s acceptance speech on Thursday. When it was moved back to the Convention Center due to forecasts of thunderstorms, we were heartbroken. Although our credentials would not let get us into the convention center, we decided to go to Charlotte anyway to soak up some of the atmosphere. I posted a few comments about our trip on previous posts, but a couple of TODers mentioned that they missed my story.

My comments were not posted in real-time, because, for me, it’s such a pain trying to post on the blog from my phone. Also some of my comments are out of sequence and I left out  a few things. So I thought it might be fun to go back and put my comments in order of when the subject described was happening (see the links below) and add a few thoughts that I left out. So Here ya go!  Sorry for the long post.

Dudette & Sister Road Dawg Finally Get to Charlotte – see here

What I left out: Although we arrived  at the hotel at 3:30AM on Thursday morning. We were so amped, we stayed up until almost 5:30AM giggling with excitement, watching news reports and online videos of convention speeches from Tuesday and Wednesday. I love my sister very much.

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