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Heads Up: National Medals of Science, Technology and Innovation

2:15 ET: President Obama awards the National Medals of Science and the National Medals of Technology and Innovation

White House Live * CBS * CNN



President Obama: “I am proud to honor these inspiring American innovators. They represent the ingenuity and imagination that has long made this Nation great – and they remind us of the enormous impact a few good ideas can have when these creative qualities are unleashed in an entrepreneurial environment.”

See the list of recipients here


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2:30 ET On her last day as Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton thanks her colleagues at the State Department

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The Choice


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9:10 ET: President Obama delivers remarks at the Cashman Center, Las Vegas


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on as President Barack Obama hugs a State Department employee at the State Department where the President went to meet with staff after the killing of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three staff members at the US Consulate building in Benghazi, Libya.




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Heads Up

White House live

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10:45: President Obama delivers remarks at the Building and Construction Trades Department Legislative Conference.

11:40: Holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Noda of Japan.

12:45: Holds a working lunch with PM Noda.

1:45: VP Biden attends a campaign event in Kansas City, Missouri.

2:00: PBO holds a press conference with PM Noda.

3:20: Michelle Obama speaks to Obama campaign volunteers and supporters in Colorado Springs.

4:00: Michelle Obama arrives at Albuquerque International Airport, will be greeted by service members and their families from New Mexico’s Kirtland Air Force Base.

4:30: Michelle Obama will deliver remarks at a fundraiser in Albuquerque.

5:00: Michelle Obama delivers remarks during the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Warrior Games.

6:00: VP Biden attends a campaign event in Munster, Indiana.

8:40: Michelle Obama will arrive at Tucson International Airport where she will be greeted by youth volunteers at Tucson Village Farm.

9:10: Michelle Obama will deliver remarks at a campaign event in Tucson.



‘antitrust action, at last’

The Guardian: Antitrust enforcement is back in America, perhaps in a serious way. If so, it’s long overdue.

But even though the US justice department is suing to block AT&T’s buyout of T-Mobile’s US wireless operations, competition in America’s telecommunications industry is fading…..

Still, Wednesday’s legal action, filed by the department’s antitrust division, is welcome. The George W Bush administration was easily the most lax in antitrust enforcement in recent history, and the Obama administration hadn’t been significantly more ardent to protect competition…..

…. (but) the government’s complaint in this case says what most people – apart from those who stood to gain directly – already knew: The deal would reduce competition in a marketplace that is already an oligopoly.

The deal could still happen, in one of several ways …. the act of going to court, however, suggests that either AT&T wasn’t interested in dealing or that the government simply found this buyout unacceptable on its face.

…. AT&T’s lobbying efforts on behalf of this deal, and its brazen lack of regard for reality, have been epic …. the primary motive for the buyout was to reduce competition, contrary to countless statements about how this would be great for customers…

More here


‘libyan legal limbo’

Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule (Slate): President Obama’s decision to ignore the Office of Legal Counsel’s advice about Libya has shocked and worried critics on the left and right. Yet the decision emerged from what was essentially a bureaucratic conflict – the State Department and the White House Counsel’s Office said the U.S. military intervention in Libya was permissible under the War Powers Resolution, OLC and the Department of Defense disagreed – and the uninitiated may be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. Isn’t choosing among the views of his advisers what the president is supposed to do?

The president’s critics say that in important legal matters, it’s the job of OLC (which is part of the Justice Department) to weigh the competing views and issue an opinion that presidents are presumptively bound to respect ….  there is no reason that the president – the sole officer of government constitutionally required to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” – should be bound, even presumptively, by the legal views of those who are, after all, merely his servants.

… suppose that OLC does provide independent legal advice. There is nothing objectionable about a presidential decision to adopt the views of one set of legal advisers over those of another. The procedure the White House followed – hearing from legal advisers in four offices, with diverse expertise and perspectives – seems a sensible approach to decision-making. Interpreting the War Powers Resolution is not like reading a speed limit sign; the statute is riddled with ambiguities….

… A president need not have or consult any legal advisers at all ….  It is mysterious why it is controversial that a president should get to decide which, if any, of his own creatures he will deign to hear. OLC exists to serve the presidency, not the other way around.

Full article here






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