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President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, in the Oval Office, Sept. 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


See the full speech at C-Span


Student Rose Daugherty introduces first lady Michelle Obama at the University of Northern Iowa, Sept. 28

C-Span will have Michelle Obama’s Appleton speech soon

Text of University of Northern Iowa speech here



Uh oh…..


See the longer version here – from around 7:0 minutes


“We have to take care of each other, that’s what it’s about this November.”




We’ve already seen this, but hey, once wasn’t enough:




The Mother Jones Videos





‘It’s going to get extraordinarily dirty extraordinarily fast’

Charles Pierce: …..the footage offers an extraordinary look at what the candidate is like when he’s around people he perceives to be worthy of what he believes is the truth….

To this moment, I guarantee you, Romney is probably astonished at what all the fuss is about. This is simply the way the world is …. He is what his golden life has made him to be….

…. We are coming rapidly toward a devastating confluence of two colliding panics. The Romney campaign is panicking about itself, and the Republicans are panicking about the Romney campaign. He cannot come back from this, honestly. This is who he is. This is what he believes the world to be. Half the electorate already thinks he’s a fake, which means he’s not a very good one. There’s really only one campaign left to him now.

Unfortunately for American politics, that means only one thing. It’s going to get extraordinarily dirty extraordinarily fast. There is going to be pale birtherism and barely covert racism ….. There is going to be poor-baiting, and gay-baiting, and ladyparts-baiting, and probably baiting of things I haven’t thought of yet……

Full post here


This and That

Yet another TOD post that has been reblogged by Jueseppi B, despite requests that he make his own effort to support PBO rather than copying others simply to drive up his reblog’s traffic. He doesn’t take kindly to being challenged, as another woman found out: explicit. Genuine bloggers are welcome to use anything they ever see at TOD. Thanks

Steve Benen: …. I watch a whole lot of Obama’s speeches, and I’d say he seemed a little more fired up than usual. (Pay particular attention to his tone of voice in the last 90 seconds.)

Las Vegas, August 22


Politico: President Obama said he’s beating Mitt Romney “by a few points” and said time is running out in the 2012 presidential election.

“I can’t resist a basketball analogy,” he told donors at a Lincoln Center fundraiser that featured NBA commissioner David Stern and current and former basketball stars including Michael Jordan. “We are in the fourth quarter. We’re up by a few points but the other side is coming strong and they, they, they play a little dirty. We’ve got a few folks on our team in foul trouble. We’ve got a couple of injuries and I believe that they’ve got one last run in them.”

“I’d say there’s about seven minutes to go in the game. And Michael’s competitiveness is legendary and nobody knows better than Michael that if you’ve got a little bit of a lead and there’s about seven minutes ago, that’s when you put them away.”



Politico: President Obama mocked Missouri Rep. Todd Akin here, telling a fundraising crowd packed with pro basketball stars that the embattled Senate candidate “somehow missed science class.”

“Recently some of you have been paying attention to the commentary about the senator from Missouri, Mr. Akin,” Obama said. “The interesting thing here is that this, this is an individual who sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology but somehow missed science class. And it’s representative of the desire to go backwards instead of forwards and fight fights that we thought were settled 20 or 30 years ago.”



See the full post here


Before I Sleep…..

President Barack Obama greets members of the audience following his remarks at the Honeywell Golden Valley Facility in Golden Valley, Minn., June 1, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Helloooooooo everyone.

Before I depart for an extended sleeping session, me being a sleep-loving kind of gal, a few things:

(1) I’m most certainly not the brightest star in the sky (I need a calculator to add 57 + 8 … I’m not kidding), but with the kind assistance of WordPress’s troll-detecting devices I can, with a single click, figure out who’s being a silly billy.

So, to the people trying to post stuff like:

“I’m a long-time lurker and a passionate supporter of President Obama, but ……”

….. you do know you’re logged here already under, oooooooh, several different names? Each one of them expressing no support at all for PBO, just grave ‘concerns’.

Three words: Must. Try. Harder.

eg ‘Legend of Eldorado’ …. you attempted to post your “first” comment yesterday, which was a personal attack on a regular here …. unaware that WordPress’s James Bond-ish troll-detecting devices showed it was about your 10th attempt, under as many names, to post your “first” comment.


(2) To those who claimed to be “long time lurkers” and “HUGE” PBO supporters, who chose to finally emerge from their lurkdom yesterday to complain about me shrubbing that pathetic excuse of a man, GWB, I say:

Give me a f**king break!

Seriously, are you kidding me? Absolutely none of the treatment dished out to President Obama over the last three and a half years stirred your juices enough to leave lurkdom and comment in his support …. but an irreverent post about the turd that is Bush energized you?

You know, methinks that says a whole lot more about you than it does about me.

Passionate PBO supporters? Thanks for the laughs.

If you don’t like how things are done here, then click elsewhere – okay? It’s not, so to those ordering me to remove the shrubs from Scumbag Bush’s face, I bare my buttocks in your direction. And trust me, they’re not a pretty sight.

Again, if you don’t like the blog’s disrespectful ‘tone’ towards that contemptible piece of crap, who stole his second term and started an illegal war that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents, then maybe you need to tune in to ….. trust me, this place will never be for you. And NO apologies – ever.

(3) To the good folk who’ve attempted to post here for the first time the last few days, there’s a shiny new policy (I’ll update the ‘How Do I Comment Here?’ page asap): no newcomers will be accepted between now and November unless they sign up with longstanding Twitter/Facebook/WordPress accounts that show they’re PBO supporters and not dim-witted Willard-worshipping twats. I have neither the time nor the desire to weed out the trolls.

(4) Today was, maybe, the worst of days. Shitty, crappy, etc. And there’ll be a whole heap of days just like it between now and November.

So, we have two choices:

(a) Give up. Curl up in a ball and die, and prepare for Willard’s inauguration.


(b) Take a deep breath, have a gin or three, dust ourselves down, have a good night’s sleep, wake up, and vow to fight back even harder.

I go for (b).

Are you in?

Myra Soukup is, and that’ll do for me:

The President signs Myra Soukup’s framed photo of him at the airport in Minneapolis:

“Dream big Dreams”







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