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Game Time

The Obamas at the NCAA college basketball game between Maryland and Oregon State in College Park, Md., Nov. 17



(The boy’s name isn’t mentioned in the caption, is he Craig Robinson’s son?)

I know, I know…..

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A Word from Japa: The Blame Game

The Blame Game

by Japa

There have been some conflicts here about how to look at motives and the reasons behind the bombing in Boston. And I cringe when I read them, because so often the people going back and forth are missing what the other person is saying. And I think part of the problem is that we are sometimes afraid of being like the Right with their bigoted rushes to judgment.

When the bombings first occurred, there were a lot of people on our side of the political divide who were hoping the bombers weren’t Muslim. There were a lot on the other side that was hoping they weren’t white. Turns out they were both.

The reality is that their color may well have had nothing to do with their actions. Likewise, if they were of a darker hue, that skin color would have nothing to do with their actions. Actions like these are, for the most part, driven by one of three things: political ideology, religion or mental disorder. And it is not uncommon for it to be a combination of two or all three of these things.

So what does that mean as we go through the process with these two individuals or, in fact, examine any instances of terrorism be they bombings, shootings or whatever? And yes, I include Newtown and Aurora, and the bombing of abortion clinics or the assassination of a doctor that does abortions all to be acts of terrorism. And just as importantly, what doesn’t it mean?

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got game?


President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron arrive in the UD Arena to watch the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers take on the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

….. interviewed by Clark Kellogg at half time


‘this is not a game’




game time


President Obama on his way to Marine One to attend the Army-Navy football game in Maryland

President lands at Cora L. Rice Elementary School to attend the Army vs. Navy football game at Fedex Field in Landover

President Obama makes the coin toss prior to the 112th Army-Navy football game in Landover, Maryland

President Obama is escorted across the field from the Navy side to the Army during the second half of the game

President Obama sits on the bleacher with Army cadets during the second half of the game


game time

…. en route to the Oregon State v Towson college basketball game

… with actor Bill Murray

Washington Post: President Barack Obama … brought his family Towson University near Baltimore for an afternoon game that pitted the Towson Tigers against the Oregon State Beavers. Obama’s brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, is Oregon State’s head coach.

The crowd inside Towson’s arena erupted in cheers as Obama and first lady Michelle Obama entered and shook fans’ hands as they made their way to a pair of courtside seats.

Daughters Malia and Sasha sat in the first row of the bleachers. Also attending were Obama’s mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a former professional basketball player and friend of Obama’s from Chicago.

“Groundhog Day” actor Bill Murray, was in attendance, too, and he greeted Obama before play got under way.

Back at the White House


Aw, love this guy:


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Thank you BWD ;-)


san diego….. and the carrier classic

Naval Base Coronado in San Diego, California


Original video here (CBS8)



Terrible stoppy-starty video …. will try to find better!


President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson

President Obama talks with Magic Johnson

President Barack Obama leaves the court to be interviewed by ESPN

… with Andy Katz of ESPN







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