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The precious petal apologists for fascism

This was going to be a far different essay. It was going to be a very top heavy view of the slide towards fascism which is taking place in the GOP primary race

But then I saw a tweet by Matthew J. Dowd.

I will admit this: I had no idea who this person was until yesterday. Then I learned he was a fluffer for the Bush clan. Everything fell into place then.

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Worst Terrorist Enabler Ever

jihadi john

For a crypto-Muslim who wants to shove Sharia law down the throats of God-fearing Christian America, President Barack Obama seems to be doing it wrong.

Word came out that UK Daesh member, “Jihadi John”, star of many decapitation videos, was killed in a US drone strike. Not only killed, but, according to reports, “eviscerated”. And reports also state that he was the only person to have died in the attack; no collateral damage was incurred.

Of course, some are saying that it would have been better for him to have been captured and stand trial. While I sympathize with that sentiment, I somehow doubt the Caliph of ISIL would have honored an indictment delivered to Raqqa. And most people wouldn’t want to risk our soldiers to effectuate such a capture. Whether some people want to admit it or not, this is a war in which we’re engaged. You don’t have Miranda rights if you’re in a war zone beheading innocents. So I have no particular regrets that Jihadi John won’t be in the dock in London or New York.

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Tweet Of The Day

Bravo, Donna. 😂😂😂


Speaker John Boehner resigns

House Speaker John Boehner shocked the political world by announcing his resignation from Congress.

In the short term the Very Smart People say this means he can pass a Continuing Resolution with mostly Democratic votes, as he gives the finger to the Brownshirt Caucus.

In the long term? Who will the GOP rally around as Speaker? The fact is, every other House leader is worse than Mr. Boehner ideologically. I joked that I looked forward to Speaker Louie Gohmert. But that’s a jest with a barb of truth in it.

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They thought they could control them


Yesterday, Jorge Ramos of Univision was unceremoniously escorted out of a Donald Trump press conference by one of the Hair’s goons, for daring to ask a question “out of turn”. Trump told Mr. Ramos to “sit down”, and then to “go back to Univision”. (I guess even The Hair wasn’t prepared to say “go back to Mexico, you wetback.”) Our brave press corps… did nothing. Journalists of conscience would have gotten up en masse and walked out right behind Mr. Ramos. I’m old enough to remember when the good and the great of the major media outlets rallied around Fox News when President Obama took off the gloves with them. Imagine if Pres. Obama had done something like this at one of his campaign press conferences, or, heaven forbid, at a presidential one. Calls for his impeachment would be hurling in 72 point type on newspapers and from well-coiffed news anchors.

However, even though I was going to write at length about this contretemps, I realized that the expulsion of Mr. Ramos is not the story. It is a mere manifestation of a much darker reality.

I mocked Trump (I refuse to be polite and call him “Mr.”). I thought he was the greatest thing to happen to Democrats since Dan Quayle. And, if by some malfeasance he does manage to be the GOP nominee, he lost the general election yesterday. The image of the Latino Walter Cronkite being frog-marched out of a press availability will galvanize the Latino community like nothing else. Not because Latinos are celebrity-mongers who will rally around Mr. Ramos, but because he and his treatment represent what Latinos fear the most from the GOP. Trump just handed the Latino community the symbol it needed, in a way which even his outrageous words didn’t.

But I’m no longer mocking him. I’m taking him very seriously. Because what may have begun as a lark is no longer that. It’s obvious that Trump is taking this campaign to heart, and is in it to win. And that should give everyone a good scare.

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