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Looking Fine

The First Couple leaving Florida today


Ah now, stop.

Back at the White House




Back later, chat away.


Rise and Shine

Text of the address here


Saturday and Sunday: The President has no public events scheduled

See the post below for the schedule for the week ahead


President Obama pinches the cheek of Aniyha Williams, 4, as he leaves PortMiami, Friday (Miami Herald)



Completely random old video:


All this Easter Egg business reminds me of the RWNJ meme from a couple of years ago about the Obamas being arrogant (ie uppity) because they handed out autographed commemorative Easter eggs as part of the White House Easter Egg Roll. From the original post:

Laura Ingraham kicked off Fox’s Easter attack on Barack and Michelle Obama by suggesting that Obama is full of ego for handing out autographed commemorative Easter eggs …. she claimed that Laura Bush never did this:

Well, okay. But Reagan certainly never did. Em…..

(Actually, he started the tradition)

All of which reminded us at the time of similar outrages:

‘Obama has no class – he puts his feet on the Oval Office desk! Can you EVER remember a Republican President doing that?!’

‘Obama has no class – he throws a ball around the Oval Office! Can you EVER remember a Republican President doing that?!’

‘Obama has no class – sometimes he doesn’t wear a jacket in the Oval Office! Can you EVER remember a Republican President doing that?!’

‘Obama has no class – he wore flip-flops in Hawaii! Next thing he’ll be wearing Crocs in the White House!”

‘You know, Obama is so classless it wouldn’t surprise me if he eats his meals off the sacred Oval desk!”


Completely random old video:


Completely random magazine covers:

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right-hand man

GQ interview with Joe Biden – Extracts:
I watch the guy. And I find nothing, nothing about him that’s aloof. Look, I judge people in large part by how they treat people who wait on them at a table. Watch him. Watch how he treats ordinary people. There’s nothing aloof about him.
I think what it is, is he’s so brilliant. He is an intellectual. And the president, in a strange way, has more faith in the American people than about anybody I know. He sits there and says, “Look, we just tell ‘em. Just tell them.” It’s almost kind of a blind faith. You know, when someone will say to him, “Well, look, Mr. President, you really oughta do it this way.” [He says] “No. The American people get this. Just tell them. Just go out there and do the right thing.”
He has a great expression. He says—and the reason why I’m confident we’ll be reelected—he says, “Look, I always joke, I always wanted to be a former president. If it has to be in four years, so be it. As long as we do the right thing.”  

This guy’s got a backbone like a ramrod, a brain bigger than his skull, and a heart that just keeps beatin’…..The truth of the matter is that I think the American people know where this guy’s heart is.

Full interview here







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