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Fort Hood

@petesouza: President Obama accompanied by the First Lady lays a coin for each of the victims at Fort Hood


Text of the President’s remarks here










President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are greeted by former President George H.W. Bush upon their arrival on Air Force One in Houston, Texas


Rise and Shine


Tuesday: The President will attend meetings at the White House and two campaign events at the W Hotel in Washington DC.

Wednesday: Will travel to Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado for campaign events.

Thursday: Will travel to Pueblo and Colorado Springs, Colorado for campaign events.

Friday: Will attend meetings at the White House.




Eugene Robinson: Mitt Romney’s defiant secrecy about his personal finances looks like a cross Republicans will have to bear all the way to Election Day. To put it mildly, the burden seems to chafe.

Apoplexy is not the tone politicians generally seek to project. Yet there was GOP chief Reince Priebus on ABC’s “This Week,” calling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a “dirty liar” for his claim about how little Romney may have paid in taxes….

It was a coordinated Sunday morning display of righteous indignation …. But in making such a show of denouncing Dirty Harry’s foul calumny, all Republicans succeeded in doing was draw attention to Romney’s stubborn refusal to release more than a year’s worth of tax returns ….

Reid was a boxer in his youth, and what he did to Romney was the equivalent of a head butt. ….If he is being as cynical and mendacious as Republicans charge, Romney could demolish the majority leader’s credibility — and put the whole issue to rest — with a single phone call instructing his accountant to release the returns….

…. The fact that he won’t — even when continued secrecy clearly hurts the campaign, if only by diverting attention from other issues Romney would rather be talking about — clearly means there’s something embarrassing, inappropriate or just plain ugly in there.

You don’t need a secret source to tell you that. Common sense will do.

Full article here



David Firestone (NYT): For the last four years, Republican lawmakers around the country have diligently tried to eliminate early-voting periods, which give people a chance to vote at their convenience. The reason is simple: early voting was wildly popular in 2008 – comprising a third of the vote – and many of the people who took advantage of it voted for Barack Obama.

More than half of Florida’s early voters in 2008 were Democrats, and many black voters went right from their church pews to the ballot box on the Sunday before Election Day. That’s why the state’s Republicans severely restricted the practice last year, and specifically banned voting on that final Sunday. Similar restrictions were also passed in Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ohio, part of a movement to restrict voting that includes tough voter ID requirements.

Now, the Obama campaign’s attempt to fight the measure in Ohio has led to one of the lower moments of this year’s presidential campaign. The state legislature cut back on the early voting period, and banned it in the three days prior to Election Day. (Even though 93,000 Ohioans voted in those three days in 2008.) An exception, however, was made for military personnel, who tend to lean Republican.

The Obama campaign and the Ohio Democratic Party filed a lawsuit last month in federal court, saying the practice violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The lawsuit asked the court to restore to everyone the right to vote in the last three days.

Then, in an extraordinary lie, Mr. Romney issued a statement Saturday turning the lawsuit around to accuse Democrats of trying to end early voting for the military….The lawsuit does nothing of the kind…..

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Morning everyone


blue ray!

Halo, thanks so much for telling us about Ray LaHood’s interview on Hardball, will try to find the video – this will do for now!

One question: What is on John Mica’s head in that video? :shock:

Mention of LaHood reminds me of this gem:

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican member of the Cabinet, feigns being a blocking back for President Barack Obama as he arrives backstage to meet with GOP House leaders before speaking to their issues conference at the Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Place Hotel in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 29, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)






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