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Heads Up: President Obama in Manchester, NH

11:45 ET: President Obama delivers remarks at Veterans Memorial Park, Manchester

I’ve seen earlier start times for this too, so tune in early just in case

LivestreamC-Span * CBS 1 * CBS 2 * CNN


Later (all times ET)

Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen Campaign for President Obama in Ohio (C-Span * CBS 1 * CBS 2 * CNN) – CBS list this for 11:0, C-Span for 12:10 and CNN for 1:0 – take your pick!)

2:0: VP Biden delivers remarks at a campaign event at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Events Center (CNN)

7:55: President Obama delivers remarks at the 67th Annual Alfred. E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner (C-Span)



Live now: President Obama in Windham, N.H.

1:0: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event at Windham High School in Windham, N.H.



Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, August 18


Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, New Hampshire


3:35 or 4:35??: Delivers remarks at a campaign event at Rochester Commons in Rochester, N.H. (live on C-Span)


snow problem

Snow falls as people stand in line to see President Obama in Nashua, N.H.

Arriving at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, New Hampshire


President Obama walks to board Marine One helicopter from the South Lawn of the White House, March 1

For some reason, missing from the schedule:

Manchester airport waiting for the President. Crews clearing the runway …. “Believe it or not there is a runway out there.”



President Obama’s motorcade drives through a snow storm enroute to a speech on energy policy and the economy at Nashua Community College


more pete souza genius

Members of the audience cheer as President Obama delivers remarks on the American Jobs Act at Manchester Central High School, N.H., Nov. 22

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden talk with First Lady Michelle Obama in the Oval Office, Nov. 21

President Obama greets people following a ceremony to honor the French and American Alliance, at a World War I Memorial at the Hotel de Ville in Cannes, France, Nov. 4

President Obama says goodbye to students after a visit to the Yeadon Regional Head Start Center in Yeadon, Pa., Nov. 8

President Obama talks with Chief of Staff Bill Daley before the APEC CEO business summit in Honolulu, Hawaii, Saturday, Nov. 12

President Obama has his picture taken with a member of the U.S. Navy on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, Nov. 11

President Obama looks out a window of Air Force One during the flight from Canberra to Darwin, Australia, Nov. 17

Members of the Townson University football team take pictures of President Obama during halftime of the Oregon State vs Towson University basketball game in Towson, Md., Nov. 26

And from Lawrence Jackson:

First Lady Michelle Obama walks with children past the official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room, Nov. 30. Mrs. Obama welcomed military families to the White House for for the first viewing of the 2011 holiday decorations.

See all the photos at Flickr


And here’s Oliver Willis with the Obamas:


west wing week: ‘your best you’


rise and shine

GivenEyesToSee – Say hi to Miss M Turner, the woman in the photo, in the comments

Thank you BWD


Love it! Thanks isonprize ;-)




10:30 AM President Obama pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey (Woot!)

4:20 The President, First Lady and their daughters participate in a service event



Andrew Sullivan: How to beat Romney – run ads like this:


Deaniac (The People’s View): … I have always known that Glenn Greenwald is a opportunistic, dishonest, fact-ignorning blowhard. But today we get to add ironic to that … Greenwald wrote a column accusing the SEIU, a union that has endorsed President Obama for re-election, of attempting to “co-opt” the Occupy Wall Street movement. Why? Well because apparently …. they have trademarked and copyrighted the phrase “99 percent.”

…. The very same Glenn Greenwald who is accusing the SEIU of trying to use OWS’ language (heaven forbid!) for their own purposes …. (is) trying to sell (and promote) winter gear for the OWS protesters being disbursed by the notorious Firedoglake. But of course, Greenwald fails to mention that he stands to financially gain from donations to FDL, as the treasurer of FDL’s PAC, Accountability Now, and his company, DMDM Enterprises, is used to taking money for “administrative expenses” from Accountability Now.

An examination of FEC reports shows that Greenwald’s DMDM Enterprises received more than $40,000 from FDL’s Accountability Now from 2008-2010, and of course, we have no idea how much more he has received as salary as Treasurer…..

Full post here



New Hampshire yesterday:


Morning everyone


cnn demolishes romney ad: it’s ‘a new low’

Mediaite: …. Mitt Romney’s campaign released its first television ad …. The biggest point of contention was a moment where the ad shows 2008 footage of then-Candidate Obama making fun of a quote made by one of John McCain’s aides. However, the Romney ad makes it seem like Obama is saying the quote himself. When CNN asked Romney’s team about the error, they cheerfully responded that they did it on purpose.

This appears to have really ticked some folks at the news network off as CNN just did a segment on the ad that was one of the most blistering things we’ve ever seen…..

More here

Wow! CNN?!



10:30 AM President Obama pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey (Woot!)

4:20 The President, First Lady and their daughters participate in a service event



Wait, wait, don’t tell me! 2005


President Barack Obama greets members of the audience after delivering remarks on the American Jobs Act at Manchester Central High School, Manchester, N.H., Nov. 22. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)







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