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Hospitals Will Save $5.7B?!?! Thanks, ObamaCare



HHS.Gov: New Report Projects A $5.7 Billion Drop In Hospitals’ Uncompensated Care Costs Because Of The Affordable Care Act

A report released today by the Department of Health and Human Services projects that hospitals will save $5.7 billion this year in uncompensated care costs because of the Affordable Care Act, with states that have expanded Medicaid seeing about 74 percent of the total savings nationally compared to states that have not expanded Medicaid. For over a decade prior to the Affordable Care Act, the percentage of the American population that was uninsured had been growing steadily. But with the significant expansion of coverage under the health care law through the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid, the uninsurance rate is at historic lows.

As a result, the volume of uncompensated care provided in hospitals and emergency departments has fallen substantially in the last year, particularly in Medicaid expansion states. Projections from today’s report suggest that hospitals in states that have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act will see greater savings than hospitals in states that have not expanded Medicaid. Hospitals in states that have expanded Medicaid are projected to save up to $4.2 billion, which makes up about 74 percent of the total savings nationally this year. Hospitals in states that have opted not to expand Medicaid are projected to save up to $1.5 billion this year, and which is only 26 percent of the total savings nationally.

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That Hopey Changey Thing Is Working Out Great. Thanks, President Obama!

Obama Hope Progress


Rolling Stone: The Obama Hope And Change Index: 6 Years Of Progress, By The Numbers

Peak unemployment, October 2009: 10 percent
Unemployment rate now: 5.9 percent
Consecutive private sector job growth: 55 months
Private sector jobs created: 10.3 million
Federal deficit, 2009: 9.8 percent of GDP
Deficit in 2013: 4.1 percent of GDP

Average tax rate for highest earners 2008: 28.1 percent
Average tax rate for highest earners 2013: 33.6 percent
Banks regulated as too big to fail, 2009: 0
Banks regulated as “systemically important financial institutions” — a.k.a. too big to fail — 2014: 29
Billions returned to consumers by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement: $4.6 billion
Americans compensated for being swindled by banks, lenders and credit card companies: 15 million
Dow Jones close, inauguration day 2009: 7,949
Dow Jones yesterday: 16,719


Required MPG (miles per gallon) for cars when Obama took office: 27.5
Required MPG for light trucks/SUVs when Obama took office: 23
MPG requirement by 2016 for cars, light trucks/SUVs: 35.5
MPG required by 2025: 54.5
Gigawatts of wind power installed when Obama took office: 25
Gigawatts of wind power installed through end of 2013: 61
Peak summertime solar power generation June 2008: 128 gigawatt hours
Peak summertime solar power generation June 2014: 2,061 gigawatt hours
Coal burned in electrical generation 2008: 1 billion short tons
Coal burned in electrical generation 2013: 858 million short tons
Reduction: 14.2 percent
EPA-proposed CO2 reductions for power sector by 2030: 30 percent


Pell grant funding 2008-2009: $18 billion
Pell grant funding 2013-2014: $33 billion
Adults gaining insurance under first year of Obamacare: 10.3 million
As a percentage of the uninsured: 26
Annual cost for birth control prior to Obamacare: Up to $600
Annual cost for birth control under Obamacare-compliant policies: $0
Prescriptions now required to obtain emergency contraception: 0
2009 projection for Medicare going broke: 2017
2014 projection for Medicare going broke: 2030


Troops in Iraq, inauguration day 2009: 144,000
Troops in Iraq today: 1,600
Osama bin Ladens alive 2009: 1
Osama bin Ladens alive 2014: 0
Troops in Afghanistan, day, 2009: 34,400
Troops pledged in Afghanistan by end of 2014: 9,800
Guantánamo detainees inauguration day 2009: 242
Gitmo detainees today: 149
Crack vs. Powder cocaine-crime sentencing disparity when Obama took office: 100:1
Crack vs. Powder disparity today: 18:1
Drug offenders eligible to seek early release under new sentencing guidelines: 46,000

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POTUS Thumbs Up


63% Drop In Uninsured Oregonians?! Thanks ObamaCare



OHSU: OHSU Study Shows 63 Percent Drop In Uninsured Oregonians

A study released today shows that the number of uninsured Oregonians fell by 63 percent from June 30, 2013 to June 30, 2014. “This first glance at Oregon’s uninsured rates shows that a significant number of Oregonians have benefited from expansions in access to health insurance,” said Peter Graven, Ph.D., health economist with the Center for Health Systems Effectiveness at OHSU and lead author on the study. “Our study found that 95 percent of Oregonians now have health insurance coverage”  the study’s key objective was to estimate the number of uninsured individuals in Oregon as a result of policy changes associated with the Affordable Care Act. The number of uninsured Oregonians in June 2013 was estimated to be approximately 550,000, or 14 percent of the total population. The study found that the number of uninsured individuals in Oregon declined to roughly 202,000 in June 2014, or 5.1 percent of the population.

“Since the beginning of the year, nearly all of the previously uninsured patients we care for at Richmond Clinic have gained health insurance coverage,” said Christina Milano, M.D., assistant professor of family medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine and family medicine physician at the OHSU Richmond Clinic in Southeast Portland. “This makes a huge difference for these patients who previously had to pay out of pocket or work out other payment agreements; it’s a big weight off their shoulders. There’s also a peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered if you have a critical illness in the future.” Medicaid eligibility extensions and expanded access to individual health plans through Cover Oregon, Oregon’s health insurance marketplace, drove the substantial increase in the number of insured Oregonians. Most of the newly insured are enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon’s Medicaid program, which saw an increase of more than 360,000, or 59 percent. Participation in private non-group health plans saw a 20 percent increase in participation, primarily through Cover Oregon.

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OPB: Number Of Uninsured Oregonians Falls By 63 Percent

The number of Oregonians without health insurance dropped 63 percent in a year, according to a new study by Oregon Health and Science University. In the summer of 2013, more than half a million Oregonians didn’t have health insurance. By this summer — after the state expanded Medicaid and after people were allowed to enroll under the Affordable Care Act — that number dropped to just over 200,000. So in effect, the number of uninsured Oregonians went from 14 percent of the population to five percent.

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Who Loves ObamaCare? ➞ New Jerseyans

Image: Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care Act


Beth Fitzgerald: Sharp Decline In Uninsured New Jerseyans In Wake Of Obamacare, Report Finds

The number of uninsured New Jersey non-elderly adults plunged 46 percent — from 21.2 percent in September 2013 to 11.5 percent in June 2014 — according to a new report Friday from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the report, co-authored by Joel Cantor, director of the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, and Katherine Hempstead of RWJF, the decrease is statistically significant — and suggests that more than 520,000 New Jerseyans have obtained health coverage since September 2013. “This are the first numbers showing the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the number of uninsured in New Jersey,” Cantor said. “They show a robust response to the ACA.”

Cantor said the survey shows that “People are responding to the availability of subsidies for private plans (on and to the expansion of Medicaid eligibility. It appears that the problem of the uninsured was cut nearly in half since the third quarter of 2013. We can expect the number gaining coverage to rise a bit further this year, as people eligible for Medicaid can still sign up. The next opportunity for other individuals to buy coverage will begin in November, when the annual enrollment period opens for 2015 plans.” The state was also very smart to opt for the Medicaid expansion, which is the main reason the uninsured is dropping at a faster rate than the national average. The big increase in federal funds that will be spent in premium subsidies and Medicaid will also help stimulate New Jersey’s economy. Good news all around.”

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