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the gop plan: suffocate the economy

Friend –

The U.S. Senate is supposed to vote on the American Jobs Act as early as tonight. It’s a bill that will put people to work immediately, and it contains proposals that members of both parties have said in the past that they’d support.

But Senate Republicans want to block it. Not because they have a plan that creates jobs right now – not one Republican, in Congress or in the presidential race, does. They only have a political plan.

Their strategy is to suffocate the economy for the sake of what they think will be a political victory. They think that the more folks see Washington taking no action to create jobs, the better their chances in the next election. So they’re doing everything in their power to make sure nothing gets done.

There’s still time for principled Republican senators to declare their independence from this kamikaze political strategy.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, needs to hear what Americans like you think.

You can reach his office at (202) 224-2541. Tell him not to let politics get in the way of creating jobs.

Will you take three minutes and call now? Then click here to let us know how it went.

If Sen. McConnell’s office says he won’t support the American Jobs Act, ask which parts he doesn’t support:

— Making sure that those who served our country can get good jobs at home by providing incentives for businesses to hire unemployed veterans?
— Preventing layoffs of teachers, cops, and firefighters, while supporting the hiring of tens of thousands more?
— Rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, railways, and airports with a bipartisan, public-private infrastructure bank?
— Modernizing at least 35,000 public schools in rural and urban areas?
— Providing job training for the unemployed, especially young people who have been hit especially hard?

The President has been forceful and clear: Action on jobs is desperately needed, and Congress should pass this bill right away. And he has specifically asked those of us who agree to make sure Republican lawmakers know it.

This bill – and the simple idea that every American who works hard and plays by the rules has a fundamental right to economic security – is a big part of what we stand for as a campaign and as a movement.

There’s no good reason for Congress to delay any more – and if they do, you deserve to know why.

Call Sen. McConnell’s office. Tell him you’re watching, and you expect Republicans in the Senate to do the right thing and move forward on this bill today.

Then let us know how it went here.


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America



respect. empower. include. win.

Volunteer Hattie Hester answers the phone at the Obama 2012 campaign headquarters in Chicago on May 12. The campaign recently occupied about 50,000 square feet of office space in the Prudential Building.

Patrick McConville and Joseph Tennial work on signs at the Obama 2012 campaign headquarters

Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina talks with reporters at campaign headquarters

Inside Obama 2012’s Chicago HQ – see here

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Campaign Manager Jim Messina provides a first look at the 2012 campaign plan – a plan to build an unprecedented grassroots campaign to win, with you leading it.


‘an obama insider, running the race from afar’

President Barack Obama meets with Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina in Messina’s West Wing office at the White House, Dec. 4, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Jeff Zeleny (NYT): …Jim Messina, previously a White House deputy chief of staff, is running the president’s re-election campaign, which will formally open its doors in a Chicago high-rise this week and file the paperwork necessary for Mr. Obama to begin accepting campaign contributions.

…“I really believe that the president is the art and I am the science,” Mr. Messina said. “You have to start out with the assumption that this will not be 2008 again.”

…Since leaving the White House two months ago, Mr. Messina has been on a listening tour, visiting donors and activists in nearly two dozen cities. The private sessions were intended to improve frayed relations, particularly with some liberal groups, while reconnecting with supporters.

…Messina is the most influential person in the president’s inner circle whom many people have never heard of … Four years ago, he left the office of Senator Max Baucus of Montana to join the Obama campaign as a national chief of staff. After the election he became a deputy to Rahm Emanuel, the first White House chief of staff, and the president began relying on him for legislative strategy, political advice and football talk.

“Some people go to meetings so they can hear the sound of their voice,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview in Chicago, where he is now the mayor-elect. “Jim goes to a meeting to come up with solutions to problems.”

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