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2013: Eric Wolfson’s Most Memorable Moments

by Eric Wolfson

(Chips: Eric is one of my very, very, very, very favorite people on the Twitter machine, so I DM’ed him and said ‘Oi, you! Would you like to put together a post for TOD on your most memorable moments from 2013?’

If he’d any sense he’d have replied: ‘Go away, it’s holiday time, I’m chillin’, shoo’, but he didn’t, he said he’d love to. See? That’s why he’s Exceptional Excellent Eric.

Also posted on Eric’s Tumblr page


1. Obama unknowingly poses for his greatest portrait while giving his speech for the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s March On Washington.


2. Obama visits the cell where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years, just months before his hero’s passing.


3. Obama’s quote of the year, even if nobody realized it at the time.


4. Obama becomes the first president in American History to not hold his own umbrella…


5. …and put his feet up on the desk.


6. Obama shuts down the GOP shutdowners.


7. Obama’s Second Inaugural Address in three words or less: Selma, Seneca, Stonewall.


8. Obama awards the Congressional Gold Medal to the victims of the 1963 Birmingham Church bombing.


9. Obama explains what constitutes a jobs plan.


10. Obama becomes the worst socialist EVER.




2013: SmartyPants’ Most Memorable Moments

by a very special guest: SmartyPants


10 Big Sis

As someone who has a big sister and knows how trying that relationship can be at this age, I LOVED this one.


9 A Wise and Empathetic Latina on the Supreme Court

This year Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor published her book “My Beloved World.” I read it immediately. It moved me beyond words to think that we have someone on the Supreme Court who has lived her life. During her book promotion tour, this happened (see here):

“At her Wednesday night book talk here, Justice Sonia Sotomayor glided through her audience of 700, dispensing homespun wisdom through a cordless microphone, interrupted by impromptu applause.

When the moderator read a question from Tabbie Major, age 7, about which books Justice Sotomayor loved as a child, she found the girl, locked her in an embrace, held on while reminiscing about Nancy Drew mysteries and then called out for a photographer to capture the moment. “


8 The Evolution of Mom-Dancing

Nuff said. FLOTUS pulls off the comedy gold of the year!


7 Marriage equality spreads like wildfire

This is how we celebrated in Minnesota.


6. Those red shoes!

We all know what happened that day. Wendy Davis showed us how its done. We’ll all love her forever for that!


5 The day Antoinette Tuff “stood up, spoke out, and got in the way.”

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2013: Amk’s Most Memorable Moments

by @Amk


10. Auto industry rebounding (hate to see any engineering industry shut down)


9. Wingnutz losing their collective shit over two-term Obama


8. Making Syria cry uncle without firing a gun


7. Iran Deal amidst all the neocon hand wringing and nut n yahoo’s sweet tears


6. His addressing the Newtown victims’ families and passionate advocating for gun control


5. Repeal of filibuster (too late imo)

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2013: CollegeKay’s Most Memorable Moments

by CollegeKay


10. President Obama explains the lipstick on his collar at a White House reception for Asian American Heritage Month. Don’t worry Mrs O, the culprit was auntie of Jessica Sanchez.

“Look at this!”

“Look at this!”

“I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle. That’s why I’m calling you out right in front of everybody.”


9. The adorable Kid President receives a personal tour of the Oval office from President Obama.


8. Malia photobombs Sasha trying to get a picture of their mom and dad kissing because she’s awesome.


7. Sunny Obama, the diva puppy, is welcomed into the Obama family! I’m sure she is the source of much of President Obama’s new gray hairs.


6. President Obama speaks directly with Iranian President Rouhani. It was the first direct contact between U.S. and Iranian presidents since 1979. Yeah, I’d say that was a BFD.


5. During his commencement speech at Morehouse College, President Obama went off-script to acknowledge gay Morehouse men. As a recent graduate of a prominent HBCU, I found this moment to be of great significance.

Full speech:


4. After George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” for murdering Trayvon Martin, many of us in the African-American community expressed pain, doubt, and an overall sense of hopelessness.

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‘Barack Obama’s Coolest Presidential Moments’

Thank you Dudette!


so, who’s watching the debate?

Live feed here (Political Carnival) and here

Political Carnival’s GottaLaff will be live tweeting here

Live blog at ThinkProgress

Eating each other alive:

:lol: ——>

AP: When Mitt Romney and Rick Perry thumped their chests over their job-creation records as governor during the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night, they left the bad parts out.

Yes, employment has grown by more than 1 million since Perry took office in Texas. But a lot of those jobs are not well paid.

True, unemployment dropped to 4.7 percent when Romney was Massachusetts governor. But the state’s employment growth was among the nation’s worst.

A look at some of the claims in the debate, and how they compare with the facts:

PERRY: “Ninety-five percent of all the jobs that we’ve created have been above minimum wage.”

THE FACTS: To support the claim, the Perry campaign provided federal statistics for December 2010 showing only 5.3 percent of all jobs in Texas pay the minimum wage.

But those figures represent all workers, not just the new jobs, for which data in unavailable. And that does not account for low-wage jobs that may be above the minimum wage. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, 51 percent of all Texas workers make less than $33,000 a year. Only 30 percent make more than $50,000 a year. Nationally, Texas ranked 34th in median household income from 2007 to 2009.

About 9.5 percent of Texas hourly workers, excluding those who are paid salaries, earn the minimum wage or less, tying Mississippi for the highest percentage in the nation.

ROMNEY: “At the end of four years, we had our unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent. That’s a record I think the president would like to see. As a matter of fact, we created more jobs in Massachusetts than this president has created in the entire country.”

THE FACTS: To be sure, 4.7 percent unemployment would be a welcome figure nationally. But Romney started from a much better position than President Barack Obama did. Unemployment was only 5.6 percent when Romney took office in 2003, meaning it came down by less than 1 percentage point when he left office in 2007. Obama inherited a national unemployment rate of 7.8 percent.






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