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His Life Was A Story Of Doing The Right Thing From Start To Finish



Thank you all for your beautiful, kind and loving words, you’re the very best of friends.

I had the privilege of visiting my uncle in Australia a few years back, it was the best trip of my life. What a stunning country.

I remember sitting drinking coffee with him on the Melbourne shoreline and he pointed to a pier where, he told me, he had arrived from Ireland 40-something years before. I thought I was heroic just flying to Australia, but his journey, by ship, was interminable and grim. A young Irish man who’d never left home before, suddenly landed in this far-off land, he and his family assuming they’d never see each other again.

He was a priest, so I gave him a terrible time :-) But he was a liberal, and did his own thing – and stood up to the most vile pedophile-defending conservative Catholics in his part of the world. And he paid for it – but happily so.

I am so, so happy he lived to see Pope Francis, my last conversation with him … it was like he was almost content to let go, now that his Church was led by a man like that. He adored him, he made his heart sing. He laughed out loud when I said I was tempted to put a poster of the new Pope on my wall.

“Life’s funny, isn’t it girl?”

“It is, Uncle J.”

He lived an amazing life and did so much good. I didn’t know that until I visited his world, as I rambled around his parish I was flooded with stories of the wonderful impact he had on people’s lives, and how he fought for those crushed by authority. Their love for him was immense.

When I arrived in Melbourne we met up that evening. He had a meeting the next morning about dealing with a priest against whom sexual abuse allegations had been made. “Just do the right thing,” I said to him. “I will,” he promised. And he did. He stood strong, and he lost friends because of it. But he did the right thing.

His life was a story of doing the right thing from start to finish.

He was also a brilliant sportsman in his younger days. He won an All-Ireland medal, kind of the equivalent of the Super Bowl!

He gave his medal to my mother.

Tonight, she stroked it lovingly. I can’t begin to understand her sense of loss.

“Ma, he had a wonderful life.”

“He did,” she said, and then she stroked that medal again.

All I could do was hug her and love her.

May he rest in peace, my family will miss him so much.




Night Owl chat – Random music night

After another subpar day on the third rock from the Sun, it’s time to hit “shuffle”.


John Lennon – Working Class Hero


Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer

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Night owl chat – The Velvet Underground

The old joke is that 3,000 people bought “The Velvet Underground & Nico”—and half of them formed bands because of its influence. A bit of Lou Reed, John Cale, and friends.




Sunday Morning


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Night owl chat – Elvis Costello redux

I know I’ve featured Mr. MacManus before. But, dammit, it’s Elvis flipping Costello.


God Give Me Strength


Peace, Love, and Understanding

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Night owl chat – Vengan a bailar, salseros!


Hi, my name is LL, and I’m a salsero.

I didn’t really dance much to salsa when I lived in New York, which is odd, as that’s where salsa was born from a mixing of Cuban and Puerto Rican music.

However, when I moved to L.A. and started going to parties with my various Cuban family, I learned to dance salsa right quick. If I’m ever in a down mood, all I have to do is put on some salsa and the world looks much brighter.

So, for your night owling, a little bit of la musica caliente que se llama la salsa.


Orquesta la Palabra – Lady


Eddie Palmieri – Azucar Pa’ Ti

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Night owl chat – Freestyle

A few weeks ago I posted this, taking a trip down memory lane. Concurrently with electro, there was another genre called “freestyle”. This was more the music of my time in L.A. Again, dark sweaty parties dancing until you couldn’t dance any longer. So, more dancing for you night owls.


Lil Suzy – Take Me In Your Arms


The Cover Girls – Show Me

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