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The President’s Day


Ebola suvivor Dr. Kent Brantly is applauded by President Barack Obama




Healthcare professionals listen as President Barack Obama speaks about the government’s Ebola response




With her children sleeping by her lap, Amber Brantly, wife of Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly, listens during an event attended by her husband and other American health care workers fighting Ebola as President Barack Obama speaks about Ebola





The President’s Day





President Barack Obama speaks to the media about Ebola after a conference call with USAID workers in West Africa before leaving the White House en route to Wisconsin. The president said the US can’t be seen as shying away from battle against Ebola. President Obama did not directly criticize quarantine policies for returning health care workers implemented in New York and New Jersey. But he says the response to Ebola needs to be sensible and “based on science,” while supporting health care workers going overseas to fight the disease.







President Barack Obama shakes hands after arriving at Gen. Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee


Democratic challenger for Wisconsin Governor Mary Burke is greeted by President Obama at a campaign rally at North Division High School


Full video here



President Barack Obama with Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke during a rally at the North Division High School







President Barack Obama and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke in the overflow room





A Hug from the President

President Obama hugs nurse Nina Pham, who was declared free of the Ebola virus after contracting the disease while caring for a Liberian patient in Texas, during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House



President Obama speaks with Nina Pham as her mother Diana and sister Cathy look on


Jobs For Veterans. Thanks, President Obama


PBS: White House Announces Plan To Train 50,000 People, Including Veterans, To Install Solar Panels

The U.S. is planning to train veterans to become solar panel installers in the next six years. The jobs training program is among a host of initiatives the White House says will cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 300 million tons through 2030, plus save billions of dollars on energy bills for homeowners and businesses. It will launch this fall at one or more military bases and train a total of at least 50,000, including veterans.

The Agriculture Department will also spend nearly $70 million to fund 540 solar and renewable energy projects, focused on rural and farming areas. And the Energy Department will propose stricter efficiency standards for commercial air conditioners, a move the department said could cut emissions more than any other efficiency standard it has issued to date.

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U.S. President Barack Obama greets troops at Camp Victory in Baghdad


Jobs? ✔ Economy Growing? ✔ Thank You, President Obama

Obama Jobs


Loraine Woellert: Factory Production Rebounds As U.S. Sustains Expansion

Production at American factories rebounded, claims for jobless benefits fell to a 14-year low and households held the most optimistic views in two years, signs the world’s largest economy is overcoming a global slowdown. Manufacturing output climbed 0.5 percent in September, springing back from a 0.5 percent drop the prior month, as factories pushed out more computers, appliances and building-supplies, according to Federal Reserve data issued today in Washington. Other reports showed the momentum is being sustained as the fewest workers since April 2000 filed applications for unemployment insurance last week and more consumers said this month that the economy will get better.

The reports bolster forecasts that the U.S. expansion will survive the weakening in Europe and emerging nations that has roiled global financial markets. American consumer spending, which accounts for almost 70 percent of the economy, is likely to strengthen as employment keeps growing and confidence climbs. Ford Motor Co. is among those automakers that remain upbeat. The second-biggest U.S. carmaker is adding workers at its Dearborn, Michigan, plant as it prepares for its new aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup. The truck is scheduled to arrive in showrooms by the end of the year. “These new jobs will help meet anticipated customer demand,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, during an Oct. 13 announcement. The company has hired more than 23,000 employees since 2011.

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“We Will Always Have This President’s Back” #GOTV

by Donna

Here is the email I sent out this morning to friends and family. Feel free to use this – it’s one small thing you can do to GOTV for this President. Even if it turns one person into a voter this year you will have made a great difference for 2014.

Voting Friend,

I’m reaching out to you today because in just a couple of weeks there is an important election taking place.

This November we supporters of President Barack Obama need to send a strong message to the Republican Party and the Mainstream Media that we continue and will always have this President’s back.

So much has been accomplished in the face of adversity.

This President walked into that White House in January 2009 with not just the weight of this country on his shoulders, but because we live in a global economy, he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The Republicans conspired that very night to be an obstacle to his every effort. Party before Country became their unspoken model. They proceeded to obstruct and filibuster every piece of legislation that would have a positive impact on you the voter. The goal was to make you cynical about government so that you would tune out. The media has virtually remained silent on this travesty.

Six years later, the President and Democrats’ efforts in Congress have brought us back from the brink of economic disaster, we have Health Care for all Americans, 55 straight months of private sector job growth lowering the unemployment rate to 5.9 percent and our manufacturing industry is booming. Yet the Republicans want you to believe that all is lost. They want you to think that state of our economy is awful.

Well we are better off now than we were when President Obama walked into the Oval Office due in no small part to him always putting your interests ahead of politics.

We have the President and the Democrats in Congress to thank for any progress we have made.

But just think how much further along we would be if the President had a Congress that was willing to work with him.

We could have comprehensive immigration reform, an infrastructure jobs bills putting millions of people to work, an increase in the minimum wage and climate change legislation that would make our environment safe for generations to come.

And this is just the short list.

I strongly urge you to go out and vote for Democrats this November.

I urge you to take your family and friends to the polls as well.

Don’t reward the Republicans’ bad behavior by conceding your vote to them.

Make them pay by showing up and voting them out.

Your Friend,



The President’s Day


President Barack Obama smiles after signing an executive order to improve security measures for government credit and debit cards during an event at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau






President Barack Obama signs an executive order to strengthen credit card security after explaining his administration’s plan on safeguarding American consumers and their financial security




President Barack Obama shakes hands with the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray








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