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evening all



President Obama is introduced at a United Parcel Service (UPS) freight facility in Las Vegas




Remarks by the First Lady at a DNC Event today in Sarasota, FL here


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and First Lady Michelle Obama have lunch with students at Parklawn Elementary School in Alexandria, Va., Jan. 25, 2012. The First Lady and Secretary Vilsack visited the school to sample a healthy meal that meets the United States Department of Agriculture’s new and improved nutrition standards for school lunches. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


The Week

LA Times: Some investments listed in Mitt and Ann Romney’s 2010 tax returns – including a now-closed Swiss bank account and other funds located overseas – were not explicitly disclosed in the personal financial statement the GOP presidential hopeful filed in August as part of his White House bid.

The Romney campaign described the discrepancies as “trivial” but acknowledged Thursday afternoon that they are undergoing an internal review of how the investments were reported and will make “some minor technical amendments” to Romney’s financial disclosure that will not alter the overall picture of his finances.

More here







Greg Sargent: Yikes! The pro-Newt Super PAC is up with an epic, over-the-top one-minute ad called “Blood Money” that throws everything in the oppo file at Mitt Romney:



Thanks Lamh!


Okay, who’s watching the freak show?


las vegas

Text of remarks here

Will add WH version when it appears

President Barack Obama speaks with five year old Madison Devera as he greets members of the audience at a UPS facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 26


And Tampa….

First Lady Michelle Obama during a visit to a Latin grocery store in Tampa, Fla., Jan. 26. Goya Food, the largest Hispanic-owned U.S. food company, which is committing to being a National Strategic Partner for the United States Department of Agriculture in promoting “My Plate” or “Mi Plato”. Mrs. Obama will also join leading Latino organizations to promote their nationwide effort to encourage health and wellness in their community.



rise and shine

Will catch up later, have a perfect day ;-)


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tragic news: the half-termer isn’t running

Time: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will not seek the Republican nomination to challenge Barack Obama for the White House, she said in a statement sent to TIME.

“After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States,” Palin wrote in a statement from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. “As always, my family comes first and obviously Todd and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to God, family and country. My decision maintains this order.”


A statement from God: “Leave me out of it, freak.”


I entered the interwebs’ dark side ….. it’s like a funeral over there. Sorry, I shouldn’t :lol:

I’m crushed, but not yet sure I believe it.

we have all suffered a great loss

Romney is getting the nomination. I am beyond pissed

This country is through. It’s all over.

Why did she have us wait?

I thought she loved America? I feel sick to my stomach. She owes those of us who bought her books and supported her financially a explaination and an apology.

Well, sh!t. It looks more and more like we’re going to be stuck with Romney.

This was the worst decision she could have made……I am crushed beyond belief and wonder what they threatened her with to get her out, she was always running and we all knew it.

I will not be supporting her in the future, she left us hanging and hoping and YES I’m disappointed but now I will send my support to Mr. Cain. I guess I’ll eat ‘crow’ for the next few weeks, just today I stopped by walmart and bought her video…it is unopened so I will return it.

Sarah is NOT running… I am sorry. God must have another plan for her.

She is letting her country down and that is a disgrace. Doesnt she have any guts at all ? She just freaking rolled over and conceded victory to her enemies. she does owe people an apology and an explaination. What the hell is wrong with her ?

I feel so sad and I don’t know why.

Just read it on Fox. I am saddened at this news. Now what? :(

sick to my stomach ….crushed….totally gobsmacked

What the hell is wrong with her ? Does anyone have an answer ? If this is how she is, I wouldnt hire her to run an ice cream shop. She is a person with little purpose nationally now and I can believe she just folded like a coward.

Palin could have turned it around. There isn’t another Palin in the wings. America is finished, and Palin did it.

…her decision has hurt so many people…..people who had built great hope with this woman… well as I….personally I don’t want to hear or see her for a great while.

She will be on the record with Greta tonight and for the first time I WILL NOT be watching….betrayed is not the word that is strong enough for me, I was ready to help, I was ready to give, and I will NOT be running over to Walmart now for the DVD, which I went to get at 5am this morning….glad I didn’t get it.

While I am bummed, I have a strong feeling, Palin is being led by God.

Oh crap! I have no one to support now!


90% of them say they’ll support Cain now. Why? One of them posted this:

They’re a classy bunch, eh?


kick off your bedroom slippers


From Donna Dem:

Please join us starting today and contact your Representative and both your Senators and URGE THEM TO SUPPORT THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT.

To contact your Senators and Representative follow the information at this attached link here (pdf)

(You can also get contact details at the ‘Contact Congress’ link in the right sidebar)

OFA has set up a “Tweet for Jobs” to make it easy for you to send a tweet in support of the AJA to your members of Congress. See OFA link above.



Have a great productive day everyone!


Here’s another easy way of sending a message to Congress – click here






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