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10:20 AM: PBO departs the W.H.

11:45 AM: Arrives in Albany, New York.

12:10 PM: Tours the SUNY Albany Nano-Tech Complex.

1:25 PM: Delivers remarks on the economy.

2:15 PM: Departs Albany.

3:40 PM: Arrives at the W.H.

5:55 PM: Speaks at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies gala dinner.





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President Barack Obama poses for a picture during a stop at Great Eastern restaurant in the Chinatown section of San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 16, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Have we seen this WH Photo of the Day before? :???:



Steve Benen: Here was the witness table at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as discussion about contraception access and health care got underway:

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First Lady Michelle Obama greets members of the general public as they enter the Blue Room during their tour of the White House, Feb. 16, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


Friday (all times ET)

12:00: PBO departs San Francisco en route to Everett, Washington

1:50: Arrives Everett

2:05: Tours the Boeing Everett Production Facility

2:25: Delivers remarks

5:00: Delivers remarks at a campaign event

6:45: Delivers remarks at a campaign event at the Westin Bellevue Hotel

8:00: Departs Everett en route to Washington, DC


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Yahoo: The campaign team that pioneered an iPhone app for volunteer recruitment and get-out-the-vote efforts for President Obama in 2008 is out with a new tool aimed at tapping into more cash in 2012:  the Obama Victory Fund mobile phone credit card donations app, with swipe attachment.

…. Organizers equipped with the small, 1-inch square attachment that plugs into a smart phone will be able to accept credit card swipes from donors, whose information will be automatically entered into the campaign’s database through the software interface downloaded on the phone.

“The idea is that if you’re at a house party or in daily interactions – at a grocery store shopping – and someone sees your Obama for America button and wants to talk to you about the campaign, you can ask for a donation and accept it right then and there,” the aide said.

The tool will be made widely available this spring, when supporters will be able to download the free app in the Apple iTunes store and obtain the swipe attachment.

More here


Better still, you can now buy a Bo magnet – woooot! Or should I say, woooof? :???:



a saturday salute



SmartyPants spotted a brilliant comment under Andrew Sullivan’s post the other day, ‘Why Obama still matters’. It was written by “a black attorney in his 20’s” and, as she said, “he knocked it out of the park”:

…not to be too racial about this, but myself and a lot of my minority friends sense that white liberals’ disappointment from Obama comes from a sense of entitlement.

Unlike affluent white liberals, minorities in this country seem to have a better grasp of a key truth in life: you don’t always get everything you want. We know, if not firsthand then from the stories of our parents, that America isn’t always a nice place, and all you can hope for is incremental change. Unlike a lot of our affluent white liberal friends, we are used to not getting it all and have learned to live with it….

Read the rest at SmartyPants



Washington Post: President Barack Obama is bringing his family to Towson University, just north of Baltimore, to watch Towson play Oregon State on Saturday afternoon. The first lady’s brother, Craig Robinson, is Oregon State’s head coach.

A year ago:

President Obama gets a hug from his youngest daughter Sasha during an NCAA basketball game between Oregon State and Howard University



Steve Benen: It’s hard to overstate how much success the United States has had over the last few years against al Qaeda. The terrorist network … has been all but crushed. Remember a few years ago, before the 2008 elections, when Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) proclaimed on Fox News that al Qaeda members would be “dancing in the streets” if Barack Obama were elected president? Well, that turned out to be backwards.

…. in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s demise, the fact remains that al Qaeda, whatever its intentions for the future, has been reduced to a largely defeated force.

More here


President Obama leaves the athletic facility at Fort McNair in Washington after playing basketball … the President signaled his approval of a deal ending the 149-day lockout between professional basketball players and owners. “Good deal,” he said, giving the thumbs up, when asked about the agreement that ended the NBA strike


….. visiting Kramerbooks in Washington, Nov. 26

The presidential purchases at the bookstore, according to the White House, included:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret – by Brian Selnick

Diary of a Whimpy Kid Cabin Fever – by Jeff Kinney

Tails – by Matthew Van Fleet

Descent into Chaos – by Ahmed Rashid

The Tiger’s Wife – by Tea Obreht

The Phantom Tollbooth – by Norton Juster

The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao – by Junot Diaz

Zen Shorts – by Jon Muth







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