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Rise and Shine

Hair-raising …… a year ago: President Obama plays with Katia Wolfsthal, daughter of departing staffer Jon Wolfsthal, July 11, 2012. (Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


Presidential Daily Schedule (All Times Eastern):

10:15AM: President Obama and VP Biden meet with Senators McCain and Schumer to discuss immigration reform

12:10PM: The President meets with the 1963 Loyola University of Chicago Ramblers championship basketball team

12:45: Jay Carney briefs the press

3:45PM: President Obama and VP Biden meet with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and State Councilor Yang Jiechi

4:45PM: VP Biden administers the oath of office at a ceremonial swearing-in for Anthony Foxx at the Department of Transportation

5:30PM: President Obama attends a DNC event, Washington (Closed press)



USA Today Editorial: GOP poisons ObamaCare, then claims it’s sick: Our view

Making ObamaCare work was always going to be hard, which is exactly what you’d expect for a complex new program that affects one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

…. That explains — but hardly excuses — Republicans’ latest assault on ObamaCare. Having lost in Congress and in court, they’re now using the most cynical of tactics: trying to make the law fail. Never mind the public inconvenience and human misery that will result.

Their assault is under way on several fronts. The most disturbing is a concerted attempt to keep the public ignorant about how to use the health care exchanges where uninsured people will be able to sign up for coverage beginning Oct. 1.

More here


Media Matters: The Sunday Morning Shows Are Still White, Conservative, And Male

In the first six months of 2013, white men dominated the guest lists on the broadcast network Sunday shows and CNN’s State of the Union. MSNBC was the only network achieving notable diversity in its guests, particularly on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show. Republicans and conservatives are hosted significantly more on the broadcast Sunday shows than Democrats and progressives.

…. During the first six months of this year, white men were no less than 58 percent and as high as 66 percent of guests on This Week, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, and State of the Union. Melissa Harris-Perry stands out as having a much more even distribution between white men and women and African-American men and women than all other shows.

More here


President Obama talks with Military Aide LTC Owen Ray during his departure ceremony in the Oval Office, July 10 (Photo by Pete Souza)


NYT (March 2013): Fifty years ago, as the 25th N.C.A.A. men’s final began at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky., basketball fans saw for the first time something they take for granted today. As the two top men’s teams in the country, Loyola of Chicago and Cincinnati, prepared for the opening tip, most of the players on the floor, 7 of 10, were black.

… All-black colleges were not yet welcome in the N.C.A.A. tournament … but the Bearcats, the favorites in the 1963 final, had three black starters … they were hoping to become the first team to win three consecutive national titles.

They faced the Ramblers of Loyola, a Jesuit school that had never been to the tournament. They had four black starters … In the final, Loyola staged one of the most surprising comebacks in tournament history. Trailing by 15 points with less than 12 minutes to go  …. they won, 60-58, with a buzzer-beater at the end of overtime.

… During the regular season, the players on both teams had endured prejudice and humiliation: awkward moments in restaurants and hotel lobbies; hostile crowds hurling garbage and abuse; social isolation on their own campuses.

Jerry Harkness, Loyola’s star and captain, felt pressure from two sides, from the characters who sent him hate mail signed “KKK” and from the neighborhoods and churches of black Chicago.

“We were winning, we were four blacks, and boy, the black community was excited about us,” Harkness said. “We go to a dance: ‘Man you guys are great, you can’t lose now. Please don’t lose’.”

More here



Dana Milbank: Last week, the administration announced it was delaying by a year the implementation of one of Obamacare’s provisions, the requirement that large employers provide health insurance. You’d think the opposition party, which has spent four years denouncing the health-care reforms, would be delighted by the reprieve. But on Wednesday, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing to condemn the administration — for incomplete enforcement of the law they hate.

President Obama was called a dictator and a socialist for passing Obamacare. Now he’s a dictator and a socialist for postponing it? “The irony of objecting to the delay of a program you’ve been trying to stop is no doubt lost on this room,” observed Rep. Jim McDermott (Wash.), the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee.

This unqualified opposition is counterproductive for House Republicans. On health care, as on immigration, their approach amounts to a search-and-destroy mission. They could work with Democrats to remove problematic pieces in the health-care law, and they could compromise with Democrats on legislation that would secure the borders. But instead they are devoted to shutting down both.

More here


This is MUST WATCH video. In two minutes Sara (@VictorianPrude) exposed Republicans for the cretins they are



Becca Aaronson: The House voted 96-49 on Wednesday to give final approval to proposed abortion regulations in Texas. House Bill 2, which would ban abortion at 20 weeks and enact some of the strictest regulations in the country on abortion providers and facilities, now heads to the Senate. “If we’re going to ask for more children to come into this world, we should provide for them,” said state Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, D-San Antonio. She offered an amendment, which lawmakers tabled, that would have extended state benefits to children put into the foster care and adoption system by women who could not access abortion as a result of the legislation. She added, “We know there are going to be lots of cases where the mothers just cannot, even though they may want to, they cannot take care of them.”

During the final vote, a woman screamed from the gallery that she objected to the proceedings. She refused to quiet or leave, and state troopers carried her out of the gallery by her hands and feet.

House Administration Chairman Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, said five women were arrested and taken to jail by state police who were stationed in the House gallery. Several of them sat through the opening prayer and pledges of allegiance to the national and state flags. When the abortion bill came to a final vote in the House, they began shouting, “We will not be silenced,” but the vote proceeded, uninterrupted.

More here


On this day….


Sara Kliff: In Connecticut, selling Obamacare involves airplanes flying banners across beaches. Oregon may reel in hipsters with branded coffee cups for their lattes. And in neighboring Washington, the effort could get quite intimate: The state is interested in sponsoring portable toilets at concerts. The advertisements, developed with political consultants and communications firms, illustrate the ability of the health-care law’s supporters to pinpoint the precise group they want to sign up for Obamacare — young and healthy Americans who won’t weigh down the system with high medical bills.

Oregon will run a $2.9 million campaign leading up to the October launch of the state’s marketplace, called Cover Oregon. Ads went live Tuesday on television and radio featuring local musicians extolling the benefits of enrolling “every logger and lawyer and stay-at-home dad” in health insurance coverage. The state is finalizing plans for other kinds of outreach, such as putting ads in bus shelters or producing branded coffee cups

More here


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit the La General Hospital in Accra, Ghana, July 11, 2009


Julie Rovner: A trade group for Catholic hospitals says a new Obama administration policy on birth control is just fine. That’s in sharp contrast to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which continues to battle against the policy, which exempts churches, synagogues and mosques, but requires other institutions run by religious organizations to cover birth control under employees’ health insurance. Sister Carol Keehan, head of the Catholic Health Association, said the administration’s final birth control rule wasn’t what her organization would have preferred for the hospitals and other health facilities it oversees.

SISTER CAROL KEEHAN: But it was a solution that we could make work, because it allows our members not to have to buy, contract for, refer or arrange for contraceptive services.

ROVNER: Under the rule, churches and other houses of worship are exempt. Women who work for Catholic or other religious hospitals, universities and social service agencies will still get the no-cost birth control, but the religious entity won’t have to be involved in providing it. The insurance company or insurance administrator will instead.

More here




Alec MacGillis: Immigration reform was supposed to be different than health care reform. A few wonks aside, Republicans have never had any real interest in expanding health insurance coverage to those who lack it. But there are plenty of influential figures in the Republican coalition who are motivated to reform immigration laws—whether political tacticians like Karl Rove who can read demographic charts or business owners who want more reliable streams of immigrant labor. But it’s now looking increasingly as if the never-ending Republican war on health care reform could be helping block immigration reform just when it finally had a real chance.

What does this have to do with immigration reform? Well, because of the absolute refusal by congressional Republicans—and many GOP governors and state legislators around the country—to accept the Affordable Care Act as law of the land and reckon with any complications that might arise in its implementation, the Obama administration has been forced to carry off necessary tweaks and adjustments on its own, via regulatory fiat.

Such unilateral tweaks by the administration, in turn, have Republicans decrying what they see as extra-constitutional nigh-dictatorial overreach. And it’s taken no time for declamations against the administration’s regulatory freelancing on Obamacare to turn into general paranoia about what the administration might conspire to do with an immigration law.

More here


President Obama remarks to an African boy on the similarity of their ears as he greets diners at a breakfast during his visit to the Presidential Castle in Accra, July 11, 2009

Cape Coast Castle, Ghana, July 11, 2009


Have A Dance Like No One’s Watching Day! :D



Join the team: The Sunday Lynx

Sunday lynx 2

Dear TODers,

Remember how many wanted to help Chipsticks but felt too technically challenged to become a full-fledged mini-tyrant? This new feature is for you!

One of the many things I love about our community is the sharing of links to articles, photos, tweets, interviews, reviews. So the Sunday Lynx (meet our mascot!) will be a weekend reading feast, prepared by anyone who has a moment to post a link and a one line intro to it. You don’t have to go out of your way — if you regularly follow a favorite blog, newspaper, magazine, TV show, that can be your beat.

Unless it bears repeating, we won’t include links already posted on the front page, but you are welcome to include links you’ve posted in the comments during the week. Just put a sticky on your desktop and keep a copy of the links you post, then add them here on Sunday. That way people who don’t get to read all the comments during the week get a chance to see the links they’ve missed. We’re looking for connections to writers and thinkers who are both our frequent friends and also outside our usual resources. In the past couple of months I’ve followed TOD links to an article by a conservative writer bemoaning President Obama’s success in implementing his agenda (how often do we get to read that!), Melissa Harris Perry’s beautiful letter to a rape victim, a mother’s letter to her sons about how a real man treats women, one of the great scathing critiques from Jim at Stonekettle Station, and another from PM Carpenter. Though of course schadenfreude is wrong, it’s of course irresistible, so I always follow links to the few remaining sane Republicans writing about how far off the rails the party is going.

Everyone can join in, but it would be great to know that a certain number of you are on the beat and will be posting links regularly. Let us know in the comments and claim a beat! You can write your own intro sentence or bring out a tempting quote from the article. That way people know if it’s something they want to pursue.

Here’s an example from this week, using one of Charlie Pierce’s many wondrous zingers:

It seems that Max Baucus, the pestilential trout-mask replica from Montana, will be hanging them up at the end of this term….

We might even go for the Zinger of the Week, though Pierce would dominate that category.

If your link has an endless string of letters and numbers for a URL, you can shorten it here: or You paste the endless one in the box (right in the center on tiny; upper right on bitly) and it gets shortened for you. Copy that, and paste here. If that’s more than you want to do, just paste the endless one!


The Librul Media: Sunday Show guests since 2010




See the complete lists at Roll Call – can’t find a list for 2009, but presumably it was just as comical.


And …… this Sunday’s guests include:

ABC’s This Week: Gene Sperling, Kelly Ayotte

NBC’s Meet the Press: Gene Sperling, John Boehner, Rep. Raul Labrador

CBS’s Face the Nation: Dick Durbin, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and …… I’m not making this up …..Lindsey Graham and John McCain

Fox News Sunday: Mitt and Ann Romney. No, seriously.


As @BillinPortland said, they only want Sperling on “so they can keep milking the Woodward kerfuffle”. Although, he was good enough to say of his “Milking the Woodward” reference – “sorry for that visual”.


Thank you Lovely Plains (@DaRiverZkind) for the Roll Call link


Rise and Shine

Two years ago: VP Biden, joined by daughter Ashley Biden, left, wife Dr. Jill Biden, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, react to a joke made by Jamie Foxx during “The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House,” Feb. 24, 2011 (Photo by Pete Souza)


The Sunday shows – guests include:

This Week: Rep Mike Rogers, Rep Eliot Engel, George Will, Christiane Amanpour, Donna Brazile.

Face the Nation: Sen Kelly Ayotte, Sen Tim Kaine, Gov Martin O’Malley, Gov Bob McDonnell, Gov Jan Brewer, Gov John Hickenlooper, Rep Tim Murphy.

Meet the Press: Gov Deval Patrick, Gov Bobby Jindal, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Harold Ford, Peggy Noonan.

State of the Union: Sen John :roll: McCain, Sen Patrick Leahy, Gov Daniel Malloy, Haley Barbour, Gwen Ifill.


MooOOOoooOOOOoorning everyone, it’s a beautiful day! Actually, that’s not true – my fingers, toes and nose are numb. In fact, my fingers are so cold I’m finding it hyyyyard too[[[ooooo tyyyoppye.

Will catch up with newsie things later after I get a bit of work done – that’s if my fingers have defrrrrrosssst]]]]]ed.


Rise and Shine

Random old pic – Pete Souza: “Following remarks in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the fiscal cliff negotiations, the President greets a couple of OMB workers as he walked back across on West Executive Avenue as he walked back to the West Wing of the White House. He gave them an elbow-bump, because he had just put Purell on his hands.” (Photo by Pete Souza, Dec. 31, 2012)


Sunday: The President has no public events scheduled

Monday: Will participate in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony at the White House

Will spend the rest of the week in Washington, DC and attend meetings at the White House


A word from Bobfr:

Letter sent to PBO and VP Biden ….

Dear Mr President,

300+ million guns in the possession of folk in America is way beyond the proverbial ‘horse has left the barn.’ It would be great to ban anyone other than the military & police organizations from owning semi-automatic weapons, but I think you have a much more pragmatic way of addressing that issue and several other gun violence significant challenges.

You and your legal advisers are way more sophisticated than I ever will be so please forgive if you’ve already considered the following.

1. Focus on the ‘well regulated’ clause of the 2nd Amendment and leverage it to issue and enforce substantial reforms via Executive Order – i.e., use the law of the land to maximum extent rather than rely on new legislation (for all the reasons we know how intractable that path currently is);

2. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as every gun being registered and accounted for at all times;

3. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as each person in possession of a gun is properly trained, certified, licensed, free of any criminal record, & insured for liability for unintended or illegal harm they might cause;

4. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as any person owning more than one gun was properly trained, certified and licensed for EACH gun and that their liability insurance covered EACH gun;

5. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as ensuring that each gun owner had their certification and license to possess every gun they own be renewed on an annual basis;

6. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as an accounting of every round of ammunition (as well as the equipment and components for assembling ammunition) a licensed gun owner purchased with limits set on the frequency of purchase no less stringent than the purchase of ‘Sudafed’;

7. ‘Well regulated’ would be reasonably interpreted as any violation of the use of a gun, any conviction for DUI, any conviction for assault of any form, any conviction for use of illegal drugs, and any conviction for any form of violent threat or crime automatically results in confiscation of any gun, ammunition, etc., in possession of the offender.

These pragmatic steps do not infringe on ‘2nd Amendment’ rights. These pragmatic steps do not require anyone to surrender whatever type of gun they have.

These pragmatic steps require any person in possession of one or more guns to prove they are properly trained, licensed and insured – requirements no more onerous than those drivers of automobiles, operators of a vast range of equipment, school bus drivers, etc., must adhere.

All those other activities do not have as their intended consequence killing. Only a gun has that intended consequence.

So, it is merely reasonable that the operator of a gun meet at least as rigorous a set of training, license and insurance responsibilities given that that device has ONLY ONE intended outcome – DEATH.

Thank you


NYT: President Obama plans to push Congress to move quickly in the coming months on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system that would include a path to citizenship for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, senior administration officials and lawmakers said last week.

Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill, the officials said, resisting efforts by some Republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces — separately addressing young illegal immigrants, migrant farmworkers or highly skilled foreigners — which might be easier for reluctant members of their party to accept.

Full article here


NYT: As lawmakers take to the Sunday shows to express their opinions on President Obama’s cabinet nominations, Colin L. Powell, the retired general and former secretary of state, will join NBC’s “Meet the Press” to voice his support for Chuck Hagel as the next secretary of defense.

NBC will also feature a roundtable discussion of Washington’s next debates on the debt ceiling and more with Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark and Haley Barbour, the former Mississippi governor.

:roll: —-> Senator John McCain and Senator Joe Manchin will appear on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to share their views on Mr. Obama’s national security picks…..

More here

Meet the Press: Colin Powell, Cory Booker, Haley Barbour, Mike Murphy, Andrea Mitchell

Face the Nation: John McCain, Joe Manchin, Stanley McChrystal, Antonio Villaraigosa, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, John Dickerson, Amy Walter

This Week: Jack Reed, Bob Corker, Richard Haass, Martha Raddatz, Joe Manchin, Jon Huntsman, Al Hunt, Paul Krugman, Peggy Noonan, David Walker, Judy Woodruff

State of the Union: David Keene, Chris Murphy, Joe Manchin, Jon Huntsman, Elijah Cummings, Marsha Blackburn, Jeff Zeleny, Michael Scherer





At your service

President Obama walks to St. John’s Episcopal Church from the White House with his daughters Sasha and Malia, Oct. 28 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

More later – chat away ;-)







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