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President Barack Obama says goodbye to students lining a second floor hallway at the Yeadon Regional Head Start Center in Yeadon, Pa., Nov. 8, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



ABC: President Obama holds leads over the top three Republican presidential candidates in a new national poll conducted by Latino Decisions for Univision, with the president enjoying far wider advantages among Latino voters, an area of strength that could ultimately prove crucial come next year’s election.

…. Among registered voters nationwide, Obama holds the largest lead over Perry at 10 percent, with his edge over Romney at 9 percent. Cain, meanwhile, is within 6 percent of the president.

Among registered Latino voters in the 21 most Latino-heavy states, Obama’s advantage is far greater, exceeding two-to-one margins in every case. The president is up 65 percent to 22 percent on Cain, 67 percent to 24 percent on Romney and 68 percent to 21 percent on Perry…..

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Pete Souza


Greg Sargent: As you may have heard, Republicans on the supercommittee are privately offering Dems what they’re calling a big concession: They will agree to hundreds of billions in new revenues through an overhaul of the tax code in exchange for making the Bush tax cuts permanent.

A senior Senate Democratic aide directly familiar with the discussions tells me that as part of that tax rate overhaul, Republicans are also pushing to drop the highest end tax rate down to 28 percent.

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ABC: Michelle Obama told high school students taking part in a mentoring program at Georgetown University on Tuesday that being married to the president can be scary at times, because he makes the family get out of its comfort zone.

The first lady urged students not to let fear guide them after a student asked about being worried about going away to college.

“I mean this is scary,” she said. “Shoot, being married to Barack Obama? He’s got big plans. He’s always pushing us beyond our comfort zones, and I’m dragged along going, ‘What’s he doing now? No, not this.'”

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Marketwatch: Job openings at U.S. workplaces rose to 3.35 million in September – the highest level since August 2008 – from 3.13 million in August, the Labor Department reported Tuesday.

Overall job openings rose 22% from the prior year, with private openings up 23% to 2.99 million. Meanwhile, government openings rose to 366,000 from 326,000.

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Happiness is ….. when the very great Steve Benen links to a photo on TOD: woot! I know, I’m sad.


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‘potus pulls another rabbit out of his hat’

Bob Cesca: The Republicans are growing a little worried about the mission they mandated to the “Super Committee” because the Obama Administration is now seeking to use that committee to pass the president’s jobs proposal.

…. what the president is asking the committee to do is to agree to even more deficit reduction, and just when I thought this administration couldn’t impress me any more with their deviousness, they pull another rabbit out of their hat.

…. In case you don’t understand – the Congressional Budget Office has scored the president’s jobs proposal as deficit-reducing beginning in 2013. This is accomplished by accounting for the closure of tax-loopholes and the revenue that will be generated by a wave of new jobs. This mean’s the “Super Committee” can include the president’s jobs proposal in their mandated mission to find over a trillion in savings over the next 10 years.

This is why the Republicans are now downplaying their expectations of the Super Committee and suggesting the committee should go small. Not big.

They’re playing catch-up to President Obama, and opposing a jobs bill and more deficit reduction at the same time may be beyond the vast, obstructionist powers of the Republicans. Their only remaining option may be to stall and do nothing…..

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oh boy….

Washington Post: …. Rick Perry, whose bid for the White House depends heavily on support from religious conservatives, finds himself confronting an issue that is a flash point for that part of his base: his attempt to order schoolgirls to take a vaccine that would protect them against a sexually transmitted virus.

The uproar over the Gardasil vaccine – manufactured by Merck, a major Perry campaign donor – knocked the candidate off-stride during a Republican debate Monday night ….

Perry bristled at accusations from Michele Bachmann that he had pushed the vaccine in 2007 at the bidding of Merck, a Perry donor that also employed a former aide to the governor as a lobbyist.

“It was a $5,000 contribution that I had received from them,” Perry said. “I raise about $30 million. And if you’re saying that I can be bought for $5,000, I’m offended.”

But campaign disclosure records portray a much deeper financial connection with Merck than Perry’s remarks suggest.

His gubernatorial campaigns, for example, have received nearly $30,000 from the drugmaker since 2000, most of that before he issued his vaccine mandate, which was overturned by the Texas legislature.

Merck and its subsidiaries have also given more than $380,000 to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) since 2006, the year that Perry began to play a prominent role in the Washington-based group…

Perry served as chairman of the RGA in 2008 and again this year, until he decided to run for president. The group also ranks among the governor’s biggest donors, giving his campaign at least $4 million over the past five years….

…. One of Perry’s closest confidantes, his former chief of staff Mike Toomey, was then working as an Austin-based lobbyist for Merck, which was in the midst of a multimillion-dollar campaign to persuade states to make the vaccine mandatory.

Toomey, who has declined requests for comment, has since helped found Make Us Great Again, a pro-Perry super PAC that can accept unlimited donations from corporations and wealthy donors. The group plans to raise as much as $55 million to help Perry compete for the GOP nomination, according to media reports.

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green day


the players


colbert 2012! lol


the professor v the prat

(It never fails to crack me up that “professorial” is meant to be an insult …. what, like being educated, intelligent, thoughtful, reflective, composed, insightful and knowledgeable is a bad thing? Well, I guess for your average Fox viewer (1 + 1 = 3.6) it is)


“you can’t be disrespectful”

Ryan Witt ( …. O’Reilly continually cut off the President in order to ask another question, redirect the interview, or simply make a statement. To many, O’Reilly’s actions were disrespectful to Obama and, more importantly, the office of President of the United States…..

…O’Reilly interrupted the President a total 22 times in a 15 minute interview. Many times O’Reilly did not interrupt to ask another question, but instead to insert a statement of his own. For instance, at one point after President Obama was explaining the justification behind the individual mandate in health care reform, O’Reilly stated “but you understand that a lot of Americans feel that you are a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom.”  When President Obama tried to respond to that statement O’Reilly quickly cut him off again.

On average President Obama was given just 26 seconds to answer every question from O’Reilly. The maximum amount of time the President had to answer any question was 51 seconds. Often the President would be cut off within the first ten seconds of his answer … he asked the President whether he has changed since being elected … after Obama reflected for a second and began to answer O’Reilly interrupted after ten seconds to tell the President how others think he has changed.

…regardless of the party affiliation of the President or interviewer, the real question is  whether we really want to limit the Commander-in-Chief to a less than one minute response on the most important international crisis of the day. O’Reilly certainly did not interrupt former President Bush as often in a recent interview from last November.


The Hill: It was “completely inappropriate” for Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly to ask President Obama about the people who “hate” him, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday.

Pelosi said O’Reilly’s question, during an interview before Sunday’s Super Bowl, made her wince upon hearing it again on Monday.

“Just seeing it again … I thought was a completely inappropriate question, of course beautifully handled by the president,” Pelosi told host Gayle King on the Oprah Radio network.

“To hear this used in the presence of the president of the United States — I think we all have to recognize that while we disagree with people, and may think that they are wrong,” the word “hate” should never be used, Pelosi said.


Susan Milligan ( Bill O’Reilly asked a very revealing question of President Obama during his pre-Super Bowl interview with the chief executive. But the revelation was about O’Reilly and modern media, and not the subject of the interview.

“Does it disturb you that so many people hate you?” Fox’s O’Reilly asked Obama.

….O’Reilly seemed almost disappointed by the answers — what did he expect, to make Obama cry? — but the exchanges, while saying little about the president’s real or imagined internal angst, said a great deal about the role of the media in exacerbating a hostile political environment. O’Reilly knows that. He is surely aware that people hate him (or more likely, hate what he says and represents), but I doubt it bothers him … it’s maddening to flame-throwers when their target doesn’t fight fire with more fire … he had to placate his viewers by presenting the nation as one divided between people who hate the president and those who don’t.

…. Obama’s behavior indicates he is unwilling to engage in petty political food fights, instead choosing to just do his job. The media might consider following suit.


teabagger tv

Thank you for the link Donna.

Please let this be the last time the President grants an interview to Teabagger TV, it was an insult to his intelligence to have to listen to that contemptuous piece of excrement’s moronic, clueless questions.

But hey, thank you O’Reilly for lecturing the President on Egyptian politics – yep, Teabagger TV people sure know a lot about Egypt:

And what was with him doubting that the President has any genuine interest in football?! “You’re a basketball guy.” Why can’t a “basketball guy” have an interest in football, O’Reilly? Why don’t you spit it out, you turd.

Sorry, but f**k Teabagger TV.

Okay, this sensible person at Politics USA has a much more constructive take on the interview:

“……These Fox News interviews are a Godsend to Obama politically. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time Obama appears for an interview with a Fox News personality, he helps himself politically. Obama is too smart to play along with the Fox News line of questioning, and he always manages to turn the discussion towards his way of framing things. This president owns Fox News, and even as the network keeps trying to trap him with biased questions, he will continue to dominate them.”

Read the rest of the post here

Here’s another angry person, especially annoyed by that idiotic “going off the reservation….” remark:

Pacificfreepress: “…the Fox News anchorman blabbered his way into history as being rude, arrogant, and demeaning and now? I can add the word, “clueless.”

As the questions were being thrown at the President, in rapid fire succession, little opportunity was given for Obama to truly answer. No, O’Reilly had to keep interrupting him and inserting his own commentary into the interview as if HIS opinions were of higher value than that of the U.S. President. Nothing surprising here I suppose.

…I tried my best to finish watching the Super Bowl pre-game show but instead, found myself here….writing angrily about a news outlet that has lost its dignity and respect amidst the American public. You interrupt and badger the President, who, amazingly, even honored Fox News with this rare interview.

Bill? …. Just shut the hell up will you?”


All so predictable, really. O’Reilly is losing out to Beck in the Teabagger love stakes, so this was his chance to impress the freaks: by treating the President like something he found on the sole of his shoe. Classy.

I think I need some fresh air :-|


(don’t look if you’re hungry)

The menu for President Obama’s Super Bowl party:

“Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Cheeseburgers, Deep Dish Pizza, Buffalo Wings, German Potato Salad, Twice Baked Potatoes, Snyders Potato Chips and Pretzels, Chips and Dips, Salad, Ice Cream. Beverages including the following beers: Hinterland Pale Ale & Amber Ale (Wisconsin), Yuengling Lager and Light (Pennsylvania), White House Honey Ale.”

Two years ago….

Feb. 1, 2009: “During a Super Bowl watching party in the White House theatre, the President and First Lady join their guests in watching one of the TV commercials in 3D.” (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

PS You know, if things had gone another way, the President could have played in a Super Bowl …. after all, he once, um, held the Heisman Trophy:


new jersey

President Barack Obama holds up a jersey presented to him by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees – the 2010 NFL Super Bowl winners were guests of the President at the White House, August 9



A Falla (a gigantic sculpted structure of cardboard and wood which humorously portrays relevant current events and personalities) caricatures President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle – pictured during preparations for the Fallas Festival, on March 15, 2010 in Valencia, Spain.







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