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Charlotte, Day 3 – Fired Up? * MSNBC 1 * MSNBC 2 * C-Span * CNN * CBS 1 * CBS 2

All times ET

4:30 – 6:0: Kay Hagan * Walter Dalton * G.K. Butterfield * David Price * Mel L. Watt * James Rogers * Live Performance: James Taylor * Antonio R. Villaraigosa * Reverend Gabriel Salguero * Presentation of Colors * Pledge of Allegiance * National Anthem: Marc Anthony * Progress for People Video: Seniors * Carol Berman * Donna F. Edwards * Barney Frank * Harvey Gantt

6:0 – 7:0: John Lewis * Stronger Together Video: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell * Jason Crow * Live Performance: Mary J. Blige * Debbie Wasserman Schultz * Antonio R. Villaraigosa * Tammy Baldwin *  Michael Nutter * Stay Stronger Together Video: Marriage Equality * Zach Wahls

7:0 – 8:0: Jim Messina * American Heroes Video: Auto Workers * Kenyetta Jones, Ryan Case, Ed Meagher, Martha Figueroa, Lucas Beenken, Rob Hach * Vice Presidential Nomination Intro * Antonio R. Villaraigosa * Beau Biden * Vote by Acclamation * Live Performance: Foo Fighters * James E. Clyburn * Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington

8:0: Kal Penn’s live coverage of the convention (

8:0 – 9:0: Caroline Kennedy * Xavier Becerra * Jennifer Granholm * Eva Longoria * Brian Schweitzer * Charlie Crist * John Kerry

9:0 – 10:0: Video: Veterans * John B. Nathman * Angie Flores * Jill Biden * Vice President Joe Biden Video * VP Joe Biden

10:0– 11:0: Video and Remarks * Dick Durbin * President Barack Obama Video * President Obama * Benediction: Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Detailed schedule here


Lots more Convention videos at the PBS, DemConvention2012 and BarackObama YouTube channels


he’s lost the youth, you know

A segment of the line of people waiting for tickets to see President Barack Obama speak on Friday starts near the Michigan Union, winds around the Fleming Administration Building, back toward the Literature, Science, and the Arts Building, and north down Maynard St. Angela J. Cesere

People sleep on the floor outside of the Michigan Union Ticket Office Roughly 3,000 people Thursday morning received tickets to President Barack Obama’s upcoming speech — many camping outside overnight to secure their place in line — and still hundreds of hopefuls were turned away.

It’s clear: Obama mania has seeped into the University of Michigan campus as the school prepares for his speech on college affordability Friday at 9:35 a.m. at the Al Glick Field House…..

More here They brought blankets and sleeping bags, sent friends on doughnut runs, did homework and broke out into an impromptu dance party next to the Cube as at least 1,000 people converged into a line at the University of Michigan overnight to get tickets to see President Barack Obama.

The crowd snaked from the Michigan Union ticket office through Regents Plaza, building from about 80 at 10 p.m. Wednesday to much larger early Thursday, prompting one person to say “people in the back of the line have no idea how many people are here because it’s so long.”….

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people were in line by 9 a.m. At that time, the line reached the intersection of South University and South State and stretched toward the Law Quad.

….Update: As of about 1 p.m. all tickets to Obama’s speech had been distributed, according to the Michigan Union Ticket Office.

More here and at Eclectablog

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A group of ten students rest their backs against each other to stay warm and get some sleep while waiting in line by the Michigan Union. They arrived around 11:30 pm Wednesday night.

U-M Taubman College of Architecture faculty member Teman Evans holds up his ticket to see President Barack Obama speak while people in line behind him cheer. Evans was the first person in line at 7:30 pm Thursday night.

Detroit News



The interviews will be with stations in Nashville, Greensboro/Winston-Salem & Orlando





Hi everyone, I won’t get back to the blog until much later today – but I’ll catch up with everything then. Have a perfect day, see you later ;-)


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