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The VC Travel Quiz…..


No pressure:



VC in DC

(No, this isn’t VC …. at least, I don’t think it is)

by VC

I never thought I’d see the day when I’m forced to admit that some experiences defy words. I’ll try to share, though I make no promises I can convey my inner feelings.

On Sunday, at the ‘T’ meet-up I ‘won gold’! Two tickets to a section of the action for which you had to be ‘vetted’! Who would have thunk that *I* would look forward to being patted and ‘wanded’ and having my purse pawed through? :???:

But look forward I did. Can you imagine how it feels to get a surprise gift that puts you closer to SEEing President Obama and family, VP Joe and family, Nancy Smash et al, than you had ever dreamed of being? Of being in the midst of the action even though you hate crowds? My ‘win’ brought me the experience of having a dream I never dared dream in earnest, fulfilled! I was going to the Inauguration!

(Nancy spots an old friend in Georgetown)

I went out to supper with Theo and her mom at a posh restaurant (at least for me it was) in the heart of Georgetown after meeting with the ‘T’ crowd. As alluded to earlier, I saw Nancy Smash up-close and personal. Sadly, just like some of you, she didn’t recognize me. [It must have been the little bit of makeup I tried* to add to my features. (* = don’t ask).]

(DC, Inauguration morning)

Inauguration morning was fresh, cool, invigorating and pregnant with expectation and promise. I say fresh because the morning was ‘new’, the air sharp, and also because I left my hotel at 6:10am to meet my ‘guest’, Political Junkessa, who was going to be my partner to scout out the action. Not knowing my way around and knowing the subway stations would be busy, I arranged to meet PJ on the platform of a station common to both our routes, each of us coming to it from a different direction.

Yes, I arranged to meet someone in a subway system with which neither of us was greatly familiar, but what other option did I have? The station was a central change point but if we met on the lower level it should be simpler (so thought *I*), as the upper levels had several train lines to confuse us. I got there 15 minutes early – trains were running very fast with hardly any wait time in between – and realized the folly of my decision!

(No, VC and PJ aren’t actually in this pic, but it was the best I could find to illustrate the scene described)

Read it all here


A Word from VC

by vcprezofan

Dear TOD supporters (= President Obama supporters = supporters of America, really):

I have this dream that we at TODville can actually impact the November election by sharing to a larger audience, one piece at a time, some of the information we have been exposed to here these past couple of years. I’m thinking ‘impact’ in the sense of each of us reaching at least one voter out there.

I have an idea for a meme, and I really cannot spread it well without your help. We won’t need to swarm anyone and we won’t need to ‘attack’ our opponents. What I do dream of, is to get relevant, positive information out THERE in bite size pieces, since that will be easier for some to chew on, absorb, share, etc. etc. Reaching out to those who don’t care to, or cannot, spend a lot of time watching or reading, I’m leaning towards info that’s brief, yet accurate and factual.

We all know that the country really needs a leader who will SERVE and REPRESENT the American people. As TODobots we are also convinced that President Obama, community organizer, is the ONLY PUBLIC SERVANT at the top of the ticket IN THIS RACE. IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE Romney has never SERVED anyone but himself, his family and his friends! My dream is to get that information out there in manageable bits between now and November.

I’m suggesting a Twitter meme that feeds only PBO’s, and his administration’s, accomplishments, video clips, pieces of laws passed, pictures from trips abroad, ANYTHING THAT SHOWS WHAT THIS PRESIDENT HAS DONE and IS DOING! I know the Obama team has the truth team etc. but that’s ‘official’. This would be ‘grass roots’ advertising – a kind of ‘each one teach/reach one’.  Linda @ What-is-Working started preparing for this kind of thing long ago and her site has quite a few short video clips. Also, from my experience in TODville, I know many of you have the means and expertise to roam all over the WEB and tap effortlessly into pertinent information on this administration.

I don’t intend for us to belittle Romney or anyone on his side (at least, not deliberately). My feeling is that the available information shows that Romney does that job all by himself. I have yet to encounter any incident of Mitt Romney helping anyone where he or his kind didn’t benefit big time! All we will be doing, as per my dream, is shedding light on a man who should not be anywhere near the presidency by showing that the current President has been doing an excellent job, knows what he is doing, has a job plan, and should be returned (in a landslide) for 4 more years to continue executing that plan.

I’ve titled the meme:-


And even though I’m using Mitt’s name in the meme, the INFORMATION I’m dreaming of us sharing is ALL ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA and HIS GOVERNANCE. Now, I realize that once I throw it out there others might join in and they won’t know the intent is to have only positive content, but I’ll depend on the TOD participants to help keep the meme content ‘pure’ in their own contributions.

I really think the snark and ridicule etc. is thoroughly covered, and though it’s easy, and fun sometimes, to join in, IT’S TIME FOR US to start seeding the dialogue with upbeat content, particularly for those voters who are going to start tuning in more and more. Also, in truth, for those gentler spirits who have always been tuned in, but who don’t handle rancor, anger, profanity, or abrasive in-your-face approaches well, and therefore chose not to separate the information from the snark and pass it on.

Rambling aside, in short, I would love if the TOD ‘army’ would support a meme in which the only thing we share is positive information about the Obama/Biden administration. What do you say? Can we pull this off? Do we want to try #CanMittMatchThis?






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