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Picture Of The Day


Pete Souza: Japanese-American WW2 vet salutes Pres Obama during greet today in Oval Office



While we’re waiting for a resolution to all this madness, my most-loved photo(s) from 2012:

President Obama greets World War II veteran Archie Hackney, 90, of Newton, (Archie’s first greeting of a sitting president) after remarks at TPI Composites, a wind manufacturer in Newton, Iowa (May 2012)

Look how determined Archie was to stand, as a demonstration of his respect.


Rise and Shine


Greg Sargent: …. Today Obama will try to go on offense on what Dems hope will be a defining issue of the campaign: Taxes on the rich. He will announce in a Rose Garden speech that he wants Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for those under $250,000.

Republicans are already bashing the move as a threatened tax hike on “small businesses.” (They said the same thing about proposed tax hikes on those over $1 million; they’ll make this claim no matter what the cutoff is.) But this is a fight the Obama camp wants. It goes directly to the way the Obama team hopes swing voters will perceive this election: As a battle over which side really has the middle class’s interests at heart.

Obama has said the single greatest obstacle to bipartisan compromise on how to move the country forward is the GOP refusal to entertain even a penny more in taxes from the rich, and has called on voters to break that “stalemate.” This move is designed to highlight the cause of this stalemate — to deepen this contrast with Republicans, by putting them in the position of opposing the middle class tax cut extension unless it’s paired with an extension of tax cuts for the rich, revealing whose interests the GOP is protecting.

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Paul Krugman: Once upon a time a rich man named Romney ran for president. He could claim, with considerable justice, that his wealth was well-earned, that he had in fact done a lot to create good jobs for American workers. Nonetheless, the public understandably wanted to know both how he had grown so rich and what he had done with his wealth; he obliged by releasing extensive information about his financial history.

But that was 44 years ago. And the contrast between George Romney and his son Mitt — a contrast both in their business careers and in their willingness to come clean about their financial affairs — dramatically illustrates how America has changed.

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Thanks Dotster, I missed this yesterday




11:50: President Obama delivers a statement calling on Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for lower and middle-income taxpayers

12:30: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney

2:00: The President is interviewed by regional television outlets

4:15: Attends a campaign event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC (Closed Press)

5:20: Attends a campaign event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC (Closed Press)


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