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** sigh **

When will Blackwaterdog ever learn that facts are pesky silly things that have no place in today’s political debate?

Look here

** Sigh **


the professional left? curious folk.

NY Times: An unusual split in the labor movement has developed over President Obama’s proposed free-trade pact with South Korea, with two powerful unions backing the deal – a development that experts say will make Congressional ratification far more likely.

The United Automobile Workers are pleased that the agreement will increase auto exports to Korea, and the United Food and Commercial Workers are encouraged that the pact will bolster meat exports to Korea. Both have embraced the deal….

By supporting the agreement, the two unions are breaking with organized labor’s traditional opposition to free-trade agreements as a threat to American jobs…

….Facing pressure from the autoworkers and other unions, Mr. Obama pressed South Korea to renegotiate important provisions in the 2007 accord. The revised deal would reduce tariffs and other trade restrictions on American auto and beef exports and continue American tariffs on Korean cars and trucks for an extended period.

The U.A.W.’s president, Bob King, praised the agreement, saying it would significantly expand American auto exports to South Korea: “I’m supporting this because I think it’s in the best interests of our members and in the best interests of our country. The most important thing for the economic well-being of the U.S. is to protect jobs and create jobs, and I think this agreement will do that.”

….Jane Hamsher, a prominent left-wing blogger who founded Firedoglake, wrote that the U.A.W. was “a bunch of selfish pigs” for embracing the agreement and was a “Chinese-style union” that was “much closer to the interests of management and the government than those of its line workers.”

She asserted that the U.A.W. embraced the accord in part to thank President Obama for rescuing General Motors and Chrysler.


“Government assistance to General Motors and Chrysler led to savings of more than 1.1 million jobs in 2009 alone, according to a recently released Research Memorandum published by the Center for Automotive Research”

So, Hamsher attacks the UAW for being grateful for the saving of 1.1 million jobs …. but opposes the trade deal because, she reckons, it will threaten jobs?



“the lip’s fine, but mary landrieu had me in stitches…again”

President Barack Obama shows stitches on his lip to a guest at a meeting with the President’s Export Council, December 9


getting there?

Bloomberg: The number of workers filing first-time claims for unemployment insurance payments fell last week in the U.S., showing the labor market continues to improve.

Applications for jobless benefits decreased to 421,000, less than the median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, from a revised 438,000 the prior week, Labor Department figures showed today. The four-week moving average, a less-volatile measure, dropped to the lowest level in more than two years.

Companies are holding on to more workers as sales improve and expectations for growth brighten… “The labor market is moving in the right direction, slowly but surely,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics. “Things look a little better than they first appeared, but we’re still not creating enough jobs to lower the unemployment rate.”

The number of people continuing to collect jobless benefits fell by 191,000 in the week ended Nov. 27 to 4.09 million. They were forecast to fall to 4.24 million.

The unemployment rate among people eligible for benefits, which tends to track the jobless rate, dropped to 3.2 percent in the week ended Nov. 27, the lowest in two years, today’s report showed.

Full article here


there’s something hideously hypocritical about mary

Repeat: This is the Mary Landrieu who was one of the few Democrats who voted for those Bush tax cuts when they first passed .. and now she’s calling a deal for partial extension “morally corrupt”.



o’donnell v grayson



The Professional Left thought Velma Hart would be their poster child, but she’s been a huge disappointment to them – she keeps insisting on being rational, truthful, decent and mature. And – worse! – she is balanced in her analysis of the President – she praises him when she believes he deserves it, and is critical when she feels he hasn’t done well enough.

Velma? Such honesty is unacceptable – you are now officially under the Professional Left’s bus.







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