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President Obama talks with Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire after arriving at Paine Field Airport in Everett, Wash

President Barack Obama looks at the overhead compartment of a Boeing Dreamliner with Boeing employee Rick Goade while visiting a production facility a Boeing plant in Everett, Wash.


i’m exhausted …. just watching


Thanks Sosena


rachel ray

More here

The full interview is being aired today, check your local listings – thanks utaustinliberal 😉


morning oprah

Thank you StylishGurl 😉

Joe Scarborough: “All I saw was a guy and a woman who I went to law school with. Or the type of….I didn’t go to law school, I’m just saying……”.


(Ignore Joe, just listen to Oprah, loved what she had to say).


west wing week: “the new electrification” (february 11, 2011)


mmmmm, candy

President Obama accepts a box of candy as he visits Donckers of Marquette, Feb. 10, in Marquette, Michigan

Detroit Free Speech: He declined the Obama burger – a third of a pound of farm-fed Escanaba beef topped with jalapenos, grilled onions and cheddar cheese – but President Barack Obama still took Donckers restaurant by storm today, grabbing a club sandwich and some caramels before heading to Northern Michigan University for his speech to 1,400 people.

“It was overwhelming. I was on the verge of tears,” said Jennifer Ray, one of the owners of Donckers and a Chicago native, earning her the “homey” tag from Obama today. “He was just so genuine with a great sense of humor.”

Obama ordered the D.J.B. – a club sandwich with three cheeses and three meats on three different types of bread ….Ashley Erickson, 24, of Marquette, took Obama’s order and was struck by how cordial he was.

After signing some books, a couple of menus and paying for his own lunch (leaving a “generous” tip, according to Ashley), Obama left the diner and candy shop for the speech.

“The suits came back and bought some chocolates,” Ray said, referring to some Secret Service personnel. “They said he really liked the sandwich.”

Supporters of President Obama cheer from a window inside a restaurant, as he arrives at a diner, in Marquette, Michigan

A woman take a photo through the door of a hair salon in Marquette as President Obama visits Donckers next door



four years ago today…..

February 10, 2007: Sen. Barack Obama announced he was running for president in a speech before the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois

Text of speech here


let’s talk

Today Show:

Regis and Kelly:

And here’s the First Lady talking about the first anniversary of Let’s Move:


neighbors from hell

President Obama is introduced by U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue

“I’m here in the interest of being more neighborly. Maybe if we had brought over a fruit cake when we first moved in, we would have got off to a better start.”

President Obama greets audience members after speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce


teabagger tv

Thank you for the link Donna.

Please let this be the last time the President grants an interview to Teabagger TV, it was an insult to his intelligence to have to listen to that contemptuous piece of excrement’s moronic, clueless questions.

But hey, thank you O’Reilly for lecturing the President on Egyptian politics – yep, Teabagger TV people sure know a lot about Egypt:

And what was with him doubting that the President has any genuine interest in football?! “You’re a basketball guy.” Why can’t a “basketball guy” have an interest in football, O’Reilly? Why don’t you spit it out, you turd.

Sorry, but f**k Teabagger TV.

Okay, this sensible person at Politics USA has a much more constructive take on the interview:

“……These Fox News interviews are a Godsend to Obama politically. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time Obama appears for an interview with a Fox News personality, he helps himself politically. Obama is too smart to play along with the Fox News line of questioning, and he always manages to turn the discussion towards his way of framing things. This president owns Fox News, and even as the network keeps trying to trap him with biased questions, he will continue to dominate them.”

Read the rest of the post here

Here’s another angry person, especially annoyed by that idiotic “going off the reservation….” remark:

Pacificfreepress: “…the Fox News anchorman blabbered his way into history as being rude, arrogant, and demeaning and now? I can add the word, “clueless.”

As the questions were being thrown at the President, in rapid fire succession, little opportunity was given for Obama to truly answer. No, O’Reilly had to keep interrupting him and inserting his own commentary into the interview as if HIS opinions were of higher value than that of the U.S. President. Nothing surprising here I suppose.

…I tried my best to finish watching the Super Bowl pre-game show but instead, found myself here….writing angrily about a news outlet that has lost its dignity and respect amidst the American public. You interrupt and badger the President, who, amazingly, even honored Fox News with this rare interview.

Bill? …. Just shut the hell up will you?”


All so predictable, really. O’Reilly is losing out to Beck in the Teabagger love stakes, so this was his chance to impress the freaks: by treating the President like something he found on the sole of his shoe. Classy.

I think I need some fresh air 😐







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