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The March on Washington: The Speeches





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You Cannot Give Up


by UTAustinLiberal / @NerdyWonka

Shock. Anger. Grief. Confusion. These are all the emotions that ran through peoples minds when a jury of white women told the world that in their belief system, it is perfectly okay for a white man to stalk, attack, and murder a black child. The same emotion that ran through peoples minds when Troy Davis was executed even though the evidence was murky. We’re back here again. How could a jury of mothers not understand the fear Trayvon Benjamin Martin felt when a stranger with a gun accosted him on a dark rainy night for no reason except for the color of his skin? How could a black woman who fired shots into her ceiling because she felt threatened but didn’t kill anyone get 20 years in prison while George Zimmerman walked away with no consequences due to the “Stand Your Ground” law? How does a man who was told to stay in his car and not follow Trayvon Martin walk away free? The simple answer? Sanford, Florida is 80% white conservative gun owners. The other answer? Society doesn’t value a black life as they do a white one and it seems to want to break black people down every single time by saying “hey, you’re inferior….hey you’re worthless….hey the President of the United States is black and you will pay for it every single time you step out of your home because you share the same color of skin as he does.”

That’s what they want black people to believe. That’s what they want society to believe. From Sanford to Newtown they want us to believe that children’s lives have no value. They want us to believe that human life has no worth. That guns are more valuable than a living, breathing, full of possibilities human being. That the color of your skin should damn you for life. It hurts. It is painful. It makes my heart bleed that we are here once again. It makes me scream WHY!!! Why are we here again? Why is it a constant struggle for society to see black people as human beings? Why do we always have to prove our worth every second of every day? Why can’t society see that a black child deserves the same protections as a white child? That a black child deserves the same bountiful life as a white child? That when you look at a black child you see a child first because that is who he or she is and not a thug? It makes one want to throw up hands in the air and say I’m done. This is it. Why should I fight for your rights when you won’t fight for mine? Why should I regard you as a human being when you look upon me as a thing? Why should I continue to have hope?

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Chat Away.


The First Lady at MLK Academic Magnet High School, Nashville

Happiness is …. meeting the First lady

Michelle Obama hugs Jenika Headley-Greene during the graduation ceremony for Martin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet High School in Nashville


“…. and now he gets to call himself my husband”


Full speech (thank you Bob!):


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Chat Away

The ultimate ‘got your back’.


Steve Silk Hurley: Inauguration Day Mix 2013

Thank you Africatimes, love this



Thank you LovelyPlains


Thank you Yardarm


Inauguration Day, Part 9

Coming up (everything’s running about 30-40 minutes late, so the times in the official schedule are just a little bit off!)

2:40: Inaugural Parade – Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues to the White House

3:45: Parade Review, White House


Live streaming: C-Span * CBS * CNN



8:45: Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball

9:10: The Inaugural Ball



Christine King Farris, sister of Martin Luther King, Jr, smiles as President Barack Obama is sworn in on her brother’s bible as she watches from Ebenezer Baptist Church following the 45th Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service in Atlanta, Georgia, January 21


President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pay their respects at the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in the Capitol rotunda




More photos and videos soon


All set for a very beautiful couple of days?



Updated schedule:



Photos and bits and pieces in the morning, if I wake early enough 😕

Monster huge best wishes to the TOD gang who will be in DC this weekend, hope you all have the most blissful time. I’d say ‘behave’, but ….. 🙄


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that”

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., Oct. 14, 2011 – Photo by Pete Souza

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


“When I grow up, (a) I’m going to grow new front teeth and (b) I’m gonna become a two-term President. No, seriously!”


rise and shine



1:0 ET: Michelle Obama delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser in Raleigh, NC

2:20: PBO visits the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

5:15: PBO delivers remarks at a conservation event.

5:30: Michelle Obama delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser in Charlotte, NC



I posted this pic last night….

….. and the mischievous imp that is Lunarsea said: “That pic could use a photoshop effect to make it into a poster. Turn the ball into a globe, erase the background including the hoop. Viola! lol The wingnuts heads would explode big time hehehe.”

Enter Betsey!

Outstanding! 😆



Morning everyone, I’ll catch up with the news later today







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