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Iowa bishops urge fasts on birth control coverage

“SIOUX CITY, Iowa (WTW) – Roman Catholic bishops in Iowa are asking parishioners to fast and pray to demonstrate their concerns over an employer birth control mandate in the federal health care law.

Parishioners have been asked to participate in a “special day of fasting and penance for religious liberty” on March 30, KTIV-TV in Sioux City reported Thursday.”

What the FRAK is going on? And when the hell is it going to stop???

How are men like Rush Limbaugh (or the Catholic Church for that matter) allowed near a microphone, let alone paid (donated) millions to spew hatred?

It’s 2012. How dare any MAN think he has the remotest right to even an opinion about any woman’s healthcare, sexuality and sex life.  Men certainly wouldn’t tolerate women having a say in theirs. Why are we, as a modern civilized society allowing this?


It’s the 21st, Century. We have amazing technology like the web, wifi, and the ability to speak to people globally on cell phones. Nanotechnology and stem cell research is pointing the way to curing diseases that have plagued humankind for centuries. Satellites help us in ways most of us don’t give a second thought to. Information is instant.

Yet we are allowing conservative candidates for President of the most powerful nation on Earth to have a discussion on sex, birth control, and a woman’s access to both. Yes, to BOTH. Rick Santorum says sex should be had ONLY for reasons of procreation, and all birth control should be illegal.  Conservatives have been lying about the facts of The Pill, and The Morning After Pill for YEARS. Current GOP members of Congress are introducing legislation that would give an employer the right to trample on the Constitutional religious freedom and personal rights of their employees in the name of morality, basically creating a caste/serf system here in the USA, giving employers dominion over their employees’ healthcare, lives, and civil rights.


Sure, they’re focusing on birth control, but imagine working for a Christian Scientist, who denies all employees access to healthcare. Imagine it being legal for that employer to fire you if you sought treatment for cancer.

Add to that all the Personhood legislation, sanctioned rape/ultrasound laws, and making it a crime for a woman to miscarry.

How many men have actually seen what a vaginal ultrasound wand looks like, or understands it’s size? (See here)

Where is this entire anti-female healthcare crusade coming from? Two places:

1.    The deeply entrenched hatred of ALL THINGS OBAMA and the Healthcare Cartels’ desperation to overturn the Affordable Care Act, lest that their obscenely profitable businesses be doomed for eternity, and their ability to embezzle and gouge the public be gone forever.

2.    The ridiculous need for (mostly old white conservative) men to control women.

I could go on (and have) over reason one, but right now I want to deal with reason two.

If you think this is just about religion and abortion you need to wake up.

Conservatives are not “Pro-Life.” They love the Death Penalty. They hate childcare, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and homeless shelters, while they love war. They are the antithesis of Pro Life.

All they are is Pro-BIRTH. They have no interest in maternity or pre-natal care, nor are they concerned if that human being has food and shelter after they’re born. The ONLY thing that concerns them is DELIVERY. Before and after, you’re on your own. Their Personhood obsession is a joke. If they really cared, they’d be all over the ACA and pre-natal coverage instead of doing everything in their power to repeal it.

There is another level to this, that no one seems to want to discuss, yet I feel is paramount. That is the double standard FOREVER of how much sex (mostly Old White Conservative Men in this country anyway, along with their counterparts in the Middle East, and tribal communities in the Third World), want to allow women to have, compared to themselves, as if women are still somehow considered their PROPERTY, and they actually should have a right to dictate what someone else does. Misogynist, please.


– Human male libido peaks at 18, and then declines.

– Human female libido starts strong, continually grows, peaking just before menopause. Then for some it declines, but for many it stays as intense.

So for anyone in 2012 to have some archaic mindset that women should want or have less sex than men, is biologically absurd at best, and downright ignorant at worst. In 2012, it’s UNACCEPTABLE.

Wanting to have sex as much or more than a man, doesn’t make a woman a slut, as Rush Limbaugh would have everyone believe, it makes her NORMAL. Men of the mindset and limited IQ of Rush need to WAKE UP to reality and the facts of biological science.

Society has known this imbalance since time began, yet because of the ridiculous patriarchal bent we’ve allowed, the notion for most of the history of humans on Earth, that women have been considered property, and having too much sex equated (and in many minds pathetically still does) with damaged goods.

Contrary to popular myth, most women love sex – if they can find, and experience GOOD sex. And yes, we think about it ALL. THE. TIME.  The main difference is, we can multitask. We can think of, and accomplish other things simultaneously. We bear children. Nature designed us that way for a reason.

For centuries men have known, deep in their DNA, that a woman’s sex drive is almost as powerful as gravity. And if she doesn’t have a man who will sate that drive, she will FIND ONE WHO WILL. This is truly the core of the male attempts to control women through human and societal development.

This is why there is female circumcision, and other horrid, dark age treatment of women. Keep them ignorant of their own sexuality. Physically take away their ability to have pleasure though sex as nature designed, (I’m talking to YOU, Santorum), and hopefully they won’t stray.

A woman who wants and loves sex is a woman who has had GOOD SEX. Everyone else just hasn’t had it YET.

So men, take a lesson from this – if you’re with a women who isn’t in to sex, it’s because she’s never had good sex, or good sex with YOU. And if she really believes she doesn’t like it at all, it’s because she’s only had BAD sex (or a medical impediment she should see to.) She is biologically designed to love it. It’s why nature has given us females so much more TIME to find true talent we are compatible with.

Men are designed to spread their seed as far and as often as possible (billions of sperm per encounter.) Women are designed to weed out the bad DNA, and screen for better in order for the species to survive. Even our bodies are made to treat sperm as invading bacteria. Only the strongest sperm survive the endless journey to Fallopian Nirvana. If you doubt me, I again suggest, you go watch this most amazing 6 part documentary, narrated by the sexiest man alive.

Bottom line – No one in a truly educated, and civilized society should tolerate control or inequality of an entire sex.

Dearest Men – I am your equal in most things. If I do the same work, in the same amount of time, I am entitled to the same pay, and am forever grateful we now have a President whose first signing was guaranteeing that right. I can think of no job for which one of my sex wouldn’t be equal to the task on the basis of gender alone. (Size, and strength perhaps – there are small weak men, and large strong women – but never gender only.)

However, until you can bleed through your genitals for a week out of every month for an average of 40 years and NOT DIE OR GO INSANE, and carry a developing fetus for 40 weeks, then pass a human the size of an adult cat through your genitals and survive and not be crippled for life, you will never be my total equal.  You will most certainly NEVER be my superior.

I am so thankful President Obama is from a family of strong women. He was raised understanding these facts, and has done so much for our rights than any President in history, and I know in my heart, he will continue that fight.

Women not only make up a majority of the citizens in America, we have a longer life expectancy. And until there are five female sitting US Supreme Court Justices, there will not be equal gender representation in this country.  That will never happen with conservatives in Washington, who block women from a hearing on women’s health, continually cry about taking America back to the past, and horrid, dog-whistle, racial statements from people like Santorum who spew, “American was great before 1965.”

Until we stop allowing the horrid racial, sexual, and gender-based inequality in this country to continue, we risk slipping into a theocracy like those in the Middle East that we despise, or worse: A Corporate-Theocracy.

Think it can’t happen here? Pre-revolution Iran would like a word.

I will not tolerate regression. Are you with me?

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