I know everyone is frustrated at the level of incompetence, ignorance, and outright stupidity of the American public, and their preference for ALL THINGS LOHAN over things that personally make their lives better like Affordable Healthcare, and actually, I don’t know…VOTING. I get it. Me too. However, I have to say that I for one, am sick to death of hearing, “The White House/President Obama’s messaging on the ACA <or insert your pet topic here> has been horrid…. waaaaaaaaaah…”

Stop. Take a deep breath. Now THINK: Has the Press/Media ever, in your lifetime, so actively ignored and mislead the public on a Presidency and the legislation it’s trying to bring forward? (Of course, it doesn’t help that the Media™® is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP. Forget that fact at the peril of us all.)

– Since when did it become okay to shirk your own personal responsibility to learn and gather information you are lacking? Wasn’t that the Prime Directive you learned in school – if you don’t know something, you know how and where to look it up?

– Since when is the Executive Branch of the US Government in the PRESS/MEDIA business? Where does it say in their job description, they must communicate all details of what is happening to the American public and by-extension, the GLOBE, personally, to every US Citizen? Isn’t that our “Fourth Estate’s JOB”? Isn’t that really, the true job of our “PRESS”? Isn’t that exactly WHY they were given the licenses they were given in the first place? If you’re going to call someone out for lack of communication, shouldn’t it be the PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY?

Why do we only get mad at Rush when he calls a woman a slut? Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled SOMETHING got everyone off their asses to try to get rid of such a monster. But, had we been actively tolerating less bullshit from hacks like Limbaugh as a society, we’d be in a much better place collectively than we are today.

– This Executive Branch has gone above and beyond communicating what’s up – more so than any other in history – with press-conferences, public appearances, dedicated websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook accounts, live web conferences, live web streams, PRIME TIME ADDRESSES TO CONGRESS, etc:

The Executive Branch cannot force all news media outlets to report on what it’s doing, (even though, technically, that’s the Press’s JOB.)

So WTF MORE DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO? Fire everyone in the Media who are intentionally creating a media blackout on important information regarding what the POTUS is doing to make everyone’s lives better?

Should the Executive Branch spend taxpayer money and buy their own TV station? If they do that, how do they force every market in the country to carry it? And even if they managed to do that – which is pretty much impossible because neither the GOV, nor WE THE PEOPLE, really own the airwaves anymore – how do you think THE WHORE MEDIA would report on it? ZOMG! It’s a GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF THE AIRWAVES SPEWING LIBERAL PROPAGANDA RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

I am open to suggestions. I really am. But unless you have something positive to suggest, something constructive to add, that would make the messaging better…. and HELP, then PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP WHINING. It makes us no different than the EmoProgs crying about how President Obama didn’t wave his Magic Harry Potter Wand™ and make the last 30+ years of GOP SHIT go away instantly the very moment on The Mall after he was sworn in on Jan 20, 2009. It didn’t happen so they are mad. Never mind none of them ever suggest HOW he should have done it.

“Obama hasn’t closed GITMO waaaah. HILLARY WOULD HAVE WAH.” On Jan 21st, 2009, PBO signed an EO to close GITMO (The Daily Show even ran the video of that this season), and to date, Congress has voted to fund that FOUR TIMES, and so far, only six Dems have voted YES. Everyone else has voted NO. So tell me, should The President write a personal check to get everyone, and all of their personal and professional effects, shipped home? The bigger question is – Why hasn’t the press reported this?

Being negative about the GOP is helpful. Being negative about our team, makes people STAY HOME IN NOVEMBER. (Please see Nov 2010.) So unless you can say it in a “we should do specifically this to achieve this outcome” manner, instead of “why haven’t they done/fixed/solved this” way, kindly STFU.

If you or any of your friends feel that you lack some information on ANYTHING – The Affordable Care Act, The American Jobs Act, The NDAA, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G —-> do not expect some Magical PBO Psychic Elf™ to immediately sense Your Personal Knowledge Gap on any given subject, and instantly download the missing information into your brain.

Chips has created one of the most important websites I’ve run across, with DAILY information on The President, and what he and his team are doing. The tools you have at your disposal are ENDLESS. If you lack information on something – go to one of those three websites above, and look it up. If you can’t find it, ask here. Follow Chips’ links and read the FULL ARTICLES. Just as you have a responsibility to VOTE, you as a US Citizen, have a personal responsibility to LEARN about the issues your vote affects.

Everyone who is on TWITTER – USE IT. Spread the word. School those who are misinformed. Those of you who are not – I keep saying this – it’s TIME TO STEP UP. It may be one of the most important tools we have, especially NOW with the ACA fight. Five hundred voices are louder than 50. Five thousand are better. Five million even more so.

Between today and June, when the SCOTUS comes down with it’s ruling on the ACA, NOW IS THE TIME to for the public outcry to uphold EVERY PART of it, especially the MANDATE.

Perfect tweet:


We should have ALL HANDS ON DECK on fighting for this. The time is NOW. If we don’t get out there, and scream our frakking heads off, calling out all constitutional and legal scholars all over the country to SPEAK UP on the constitutionality of it. School the delusional who think that we will not go back to the way it was before with legalized embezzlement and denial of every claim, and magically get Medicare For All if the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA >THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. If we don’t step up NOW, we’re going to lose one of the most important pieces of legislation in our lifetime. Let’s get the groundswell to SAVE THE ACA started TODAY. Twitter is a great place to not only start it, but keep it going from now until June.

The President is not only doing everything he can to communicate what’s going on, he is RUNNING THE COUNTRY, and is still trying to clean up the shit he got handed. Let’s HELP HIM, and by doing so, we help ourselves, and America.

Everyone needs to wrap their heads around what kind of a fight we have ahead of us. It’s going to be the ugliest on record thanks to the SCOTUS making lying in the news LEGAL, and the endless money machine of Citizens United to brainwash everyone. The GOP is going to spew LIES non-stop, and each of us needs to be ready to correct it all with THE FACTS. If we can’t, we’re going to look as lame as many of our own pundits who haven’t done all their homework when they’re PAID TO (like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart many times.) You can bet our Media/Press are at best, going to sit silent and not say a word, and at worst, purposefully MISLEAD – like many have done these past three days of the ACA arguments. The GOP has paid them all handsomely to do just that.

– TALK to everyone you know.

– TALK to strangers.



– EMAIL (check so you don’t forward incorrect info.)

– TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO COME HERE TO THIS SITE – Tell them to SUBSCRIBE so they can have constant updates on WHAT OUR PRESIDENT IS DOING. Then they can see for themselves just how hard he is working his (sexy) ass off every damn day to make this place BETTER.

– CLICK THE LINKS CHIPS GIVES YOU: Even my rants – yesterday many people missed half of what I said, and I had to repeat myself on the main page under the comments, because people were still in the dark about it. You don’t do yourself any favors if you only skim some of the facts. I know you’re busy. I know you have jobs, a family, and a real life. But this fight is the biggest to date. Like many have said – it may be for the survival of the species.

Just DO IT already! LET’S GO!


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