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Our 2,922+ Days with Prez Obama

“The road ahead will be long,
Our climb will be steep,
We may not get there in one year, or even one term,
But America, I have never been more hopeful
Than I am tonight that we will get there.”… (Prez Barack Obama, 11/4/2008)

Put down the Kleenex. Tilt your head up high. Now shout at the top of your lungs. YES WE DID!!! We Obamacrats, Americans, and world citizens can proudly puff out our chests and say we got us a really fine gem of a president. He not only served us productively during his 8-year tenure, he did so without a whiff of scandal, his diligence razor sharp, his humility and empathy never in doubt, and lit up our dreary moments with that smile and quick wit.

How many of us young and young at heart, and even detractors, can say we’ve ever been so absorbed day in and day out with any President at such a granular level, as we have Prez Barack Hussein Obama? Sure, the technologies of our age simulate such high levels of intimacy with political leaders we may never meet. But the Obamas made us live vicariously in the warm embrace of their hugs.

Beyond policy convergence, we felt their human connection to us to be genuine. Not posturing. And prior to winning the presidency, candidate Obama himself opened the sluice gates to many of us to dive into political engagement through both electronic media and human to human contact in the streets

How many of you got connected politically with complete strangers for the first time by signing up on and eagerly awaited David Plouffe’s weekly map update? How many of you created “Dashboard” pages on that website to organize people you knew, to volunteer, donate, host house meetings and parties, make calls, register people in the streets, enter registration data, or even quit your jobs to go to “Summer organizing school”?

Be honest, how many of us of a certain age (wink, wink) would have gotten clued in to much of Social media — Twitter, Snapchat, etc. or programs consumed mostly by millennials such as Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifianakis, and You Tube sensations like Ms. Glozell Green, Ingrid “Glamourazzi” Nilsen, Adande “sWoozie” Thorne…., and much of social media lingo, if not for Barack H. Obama?

Besides substantial policy advances, he and First Lady Michelle Obama, made us all indulge in the hip and cool. We dropped the mic and sang soul and karaoke along with them. We ooohed and aaaahed the marshmallow cannon and others at the geeky WH science exhibits. We clutched our virtual passports, got aboard Airforce One on its 400 flights, and trekked all 50 states of America and around the world with them – Dublin, Myanmar, Moneygall, Moscow, Canberra, Strasbourg, Prague, Havana, Dakar, Accra, ……

But why did many of us suspend our cynicism during the Obama presidency? Why did we believe him? The historical track record of politicians has earned that species a well-deserved cynicism. But not Barack Obama. Why? Sure, policy disagreements and all for some, but few besides his virulent opposition and rabid racists doubted his integrity.

We checked our cynicism at the door because he invited us, as thinking people, to embark on the tough journey of making America a “more perfect union” with him, warts and all. He also welcomed us to peer into the depths of his humanity (not like GW Bush looking into Putin’s soul), and many of us felt comfortable, even inspired. He was more than family even if some never physically met him. He never patronized us. He never left us out in the cold. Never.

Some of us ached with anguish when the opposition slammed the political barricades hard in his face at a time when this country teetered on the brink of economic collapse, and we thought “surely, country first, right?” Wrong.

With President Obama, many of us were jolted to the harsh reality that Republicans cared more about raw power than America’s wellbeing. They dragged us through an orgy of vileness on every front imaginable. Worst of all, the electorate rewarded them up and down this country with more power to destroy all the pillars of democracy and human rights that had been fought for with blood and toil. What country is this!

As a naturalized American citizen, whose very first vote in this country was for candidate Obama during the 2008 Democratic primaries, I, along with many of you feel a certain sense of co-ownership of the Obama presidential journey. It was us at our very best! We chose well. Eight years, no scandals. NONE! Competence, class, dignity, vision, empathy, real accomplishments.

Barack Obama is the stuff legends are made of. And we were lucky to witness it, and co-write this chapter of America’s story. So yeah, tilt that chin up. Y’all did good.

“Hard things are hard,” is inscribed on a plaque in the Obama White House. Yep, they are. And once achieved they must be safeguarded with hawk eyes, else a Trump wrecking ball overruns us.

But as President Obama said, we’re just getting started. We’re not gonna turn him into a fossil to gaze at on a pedestal in a shrine. As CITIZENS our task, our vigilance shifts to second gear tomorrow. Foot to the pedal. Stay Woke.

P.S. Our gratitude knows no bounds for Chips and NerdyWonka, who captained this incredible electronic corner of bliss and sanity for our journey with the Obama Family, in a sea of venom. Thank you thank you, thank you.

And kudos to all you fellow travelers on this site. You made this Obama story possible. You made it fierce. Let’s ALL #staywoke.




A Second Chance


A Thank You Letter From President Barack Obama



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Giving Back To The Community




Jacqueline OBoomer

The boy from Troy

It was more as though
He were recounting a dream
And I cried like a little child does
After experiencing a bad dream
When I heard John Lewis
Speak to those assembled
At the My Brother’s Keeper event
In Miami on Dr. King’s birthday.

He spoke of his youth
Working the family farm
In rural Alabama
When he prayed with his Bible
When he preached
” … to the chickens …
who listened to me better than
some of my colleagues in the
House of Representatives, today”
And everyone in the room laughed.

He spoke of his journey
Through school
And about the teacher who admonished,
“Read! Read!”
And how eventually he met
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
And introduced himself as
John Robert Lewis
And how Dr. King called him
“The boy from Troy.”

I cried when he spoke
Almost as though it were a dream
Of his journey
Working with civil rights activists
Sitting in the “White Waiting Room”
When the Klan attacked them
In my lifetime
How one of the men who had beaten him
That day
Came to his office at the Capitol Building
Decades later, to apologize
And the former Klansman started crying.
And Congressman Lewis repeated
“Hate is too heavy a burden to bear”
As Dr. King had said.

“Never give up
Never give in
Stand up
Speak up
You have a moral obligation
To do something and
Not be quiet,”
He said.

John Robert Lewis said A. Philip Randolph
Had told them, speaking of the slaves
And the slaveholders,
“We’re all in the same boat, now.”
We are one people, one family,
We all live in the same house
The American house.

“Stay in school
Read! Read, my child!
Use your education
Thank your teachers
Register to vote,”
He said.

And then John Lewis told
Those who heard him at the
My Brother’s Keeper event
And reminded me, while I was crying
That when he was 23 years old
In my lifetime
He joined Dr. King
At the March in Washington in 1963
And President Kennedy had invited them
To the White House
And it was only
Months before Kennedy was assassinated.

And he talked about Selma
And how he had brought
Something to read
In case he went to jail.
And something to eat
In case he went to jail.
And how they had asked
The State Troopers
If they could kneel in prayer
Before the State Troopers
Took them to jail
After they had beaten them.

“I wish you well
Go for it, just go for it
People are praying for you
Stay away from violence
Never hate,”
He said.

Today when we heard him
It was like a dream
And all we could do was cry
With tears of
Incredible and
Unexplained longing
For the days when
So much was won
By “the boy from Troy”
And those who taught him what
Good trouble








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