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The Boss In Chief


Alyssa Mastromonaco: What I Learned From 10 Years Working With Barack Obama

After I became then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s adviser/ director of scheduling in late 2004, [chief of staff ] Pete Rouse became my spiritual guide and mentor. Pete had worked on Capitol Hill for about 40 years, many of those as chief of staff to Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, and was known as the “101st senator” and “mayor of Capitol Hill.” There is no one more thoughtful in the way he gives advice. He returns every e-mail, makes every connection, and does it all while being a wheeler and dealer. When we got to the Senate, Possum drafted one of his famous “strategic plans”—lengthy, painfully thorough memos about how to get something done.



In this case, it was the strategic plan for Senator Obama’s first year, and it could be summed up as “workhorse, not show horse.” It included lots of time with constituents and in Illinois, and less time with D.C. insiders and celebrities. Obama was quite fine with that. Every decision we made had to stand up to the workhorse vs. show horse test. Obama had a political action committee called the Hope Fund that was right down the street from the Hart Senate Office Building. The Hope Fund ran initiatives for getting young adults from diverse backgrounds into community organizing and politics; it also managed Obama’s political engagements

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Your Voice Is Your Power

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NPR: The Exit Interview With President Obama


President Obama: A Reason To Give Thanks


Early Bird Chat




One More Way We Make Our Voices Heard For The Next Four Years

In regards to Twitter, Facebook, etc., I say use all but accompany them with her other suggestions. All forms of communication can help on the road to change












We Are Democrats


President Obama Meets With Congressional Leaders


Early Bird Chat


All Times Eastern

3:35PM: President Obama departs Honolulu, Hawaii

6:40PM: President Obama arrives in Midway Atoll

6:55PM: President Obama receives a briefing on the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

7:25PM: President Obama takes a tour of Midway Atoll

7:40PM: President Obama delivers a statement to the press

12:25AM: President Obama departs Midway Atoll en route Honolulu, Hawaii

3:15AM: President Obama arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii



Captain Humayun Khan: Son, Friend, Muslim, Hero


Jacqueline O’Boomer


Our Muslim Soldier

When he was young in his country of birth
His loving mother would tell her friends
This day my son took his first steps
And the next day he would
Try again and take two more
And within a short amount of time
In a year that seems like forever ago
He was walking toward me
One step, five, ten steps.
Ten steps.

The father wanted to pursue
Some of his own dreams
For higher education and
To provide a happy life
For his family
And brought them to our country.

They learned our culture
They made the most of it
They pocketed our Constitution
They became like us
Our neighbors, co-workers, friends
Exactly as some of our ancestors
Who were immigrants
To the land of the free
The home of the brave
The place most of us
Take for granted.

In time, this son took more steps
As an American
Learned from his parents
How to care for others around him
In high school helped disabled children
Learn to swim
Learned from the Army recruiter
How he could further give back
Could become a soldier, himself
Law school could wait as he would
Offer a few years to the country
Where he had walked and grown.

The young soldier served his tour
And was set to serve another
And traveled to what is referred to as
“The cradle of civilization”
To fulfill his wartime duties
And his parents asked him
To stay home where he had once been
And always would be
Cradled in their loving embrace.

He said he had to go.
Our young Muslim soldier had to go.
He had to support his troops
He had to go.
One day a challenge occurred
And he looked it in the eye
To save the Muslims on one side of the wall
And to save his troops on the other
He held up his hand and
Marched into battle alone
He marched into battle
They say he took ten steps
Ten steps
And saved everyone
Hearing the story we
Can only ask ourselves
How many of us
Would have had
Such courage.

As we sit and learn of his life
Of his parents’ grief and our country’s loss
One thing we know for sure
He believed in a God who would welcome him
If he lived a good life
A good and civil life
And if his constitution stayed strong
One thing we can imagine at the end
As his parents grieved and
Temporarily gave him up
Our Muslim Soldier heard the
Invitation into heaven
And it was a voice calling out to him
Or it was a feeling he got
That it was time to take
Those last ten steps
And he would indeed
Be home again.
Mission done.
Boots on.



U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan
American Hero
Our Muslim Soldier







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