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Rise and Shine

Lima, Nov 2




9:15: President Obama departs the White House

10:40: Arrives Mentor, Ohio

* 11:50: Delivers remarks at Mentor High School *

2:15: Departs Mentor


2:25: Arrives Milwaukee, Wisconsin

* 3:0: Delivers remarks at The Delta Center, Milwaukee *

4:20: Departs Milwaukee

5:05: Arrives Dubuque, Iowa

* 5:25: Delivers remarks at Washington Park, Dubuque *

6:50: Departs Dubuque


9:45: Arrives Bristow, Virginia

* 10:40: Delivers remarks at Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow (with Bill Clinton) *

11:35: Departs Bristow en route Washington, DC






8:0: Departs the White House

9:30: Arrives Concord, New Hampshire

10:25: Delivers remarks at Capitol Square, Concord

11:50: Departs Manchester, New Hampshire

2:50: Arrives Hollywood, Florida

3:40: Delivers remarks at McArthur High School, Hollywood

5:0: Departs Hollywood

7:10: Arrives Cincinnati, Ohio

7:55: Delivers remarks at 5th/3rd Arena, Cincinnati

9:10: Departs Cincinnati


9:50: Arrives Aurora, Colorado

10:25: Delivers remarks at Community College of Aurora at Lowry

11:30: Departs Aurora



Monday: The President will travel to Madison, Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio for campaign events. In the afternoon, the President and the First Lady will travel to Des Moines, Iowa for a campaign event. In the evening, they will travel to Chicago where they will remain overnight.

Tuesday: The First Family will spend Election day in Chicago.

Wednesday: The First Family will return to Washington, DC.


NYT Editorial: …. The truth is that Mr. Obama was right when he talked about “real progress” in the economy during a campaign swing in Ohio, where the state unemployment rate has declined from 8.6 percent a year ago to 7 percent recently. Republican obstructionism has made it much harder to achieve the improvement we have seen, but it has failed in its seeming intent to ensure stagnation.

That left Mr. Romney flailing around for a response. His proclamation that the economy was at a “virtual standstill” is believable only if you adopt Mr. Romney’s denial of stark reality. A candidate who could ignore Chrysler’s announcement of 1,100 new jobs in Toledo and claim that Chrysler was moving jobs to China can just as easily see a flat line in an upward trend.

…. Republicans have been determined to keep the economy as weak as possible to hurt Mr. Obama’s campaign. The Republicans’ last-minute tactic has been a cynical one — to make it clear that they will continue obstructing Mr. Obama if he wins. That is a hollow argument for Mr. Romney. And it does not change the fact that Mr. Romney has no good ideas and Mr. Obama has plenty.

Full editorial here


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Heads Up: President Obama in Lima, Ohio

3:40 ET (scheduled start time): President Obama at Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio

C-Span * CBS * CNN

(Be warned, there’s a Romney rally on at the CBS link now – so, if you have a weak stomach, don’t click for a while)


Seen through a wire screen, President Obama conducts a conference call to update New York Gov. Cuomo and other New York officials on the ongoing federal government response to Hurricane Sandy, Nov. 1. The President made the call backstage at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (Pete Souza)


The Springfield speech:




5:0: VP Biden at Superior Middle School, Wisconsin (listed by CNN)

5:25: Michelle Obama at Virginia State University (C-Span)

5:45: Bill Clinton at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, Florida (listed by CNN)



good luck, mr president

Shamans perform a ritual for good luck in 2011 as they hold up an image of President Obama in Lima, Peru, Dec. 29, 2010

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