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Pueblo, Colorado, August 9 (Flickr)


First Lady Michelle Obama will be fundraising in Los Angeles on Sunday, when President Barack Obama travels to Chicago for fundraisers and an overnight at his South Side home. Mrs. Obama will be fundraising in Wyoming and Colorado on Saturday and on Monday it will be her third visit to Jay Leno’s show.

All times eastern


3:0: Delivers remarks at a campaign fundraising event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

7:25: Delivers remarks at a campaign fundraising event in Denver, Colorado


4:40 & 8:35: Delivers remarks at campaign fundraising events in Los Angeles


Appears on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” – the interview will air in the evening

4:30: Delivers remarks at a campaign fundraising event in Los Angeles


President Barack Obama signs a bill into law at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Aug. 10. Staff Secretary Doug Kramer prepares the next bill for the President’s signature. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



Colorado Springs, August 9 (Flickr)



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Another Gorgeous Day……

Colorado College in Colorado Springs, August 9


President Barack Obama talks with Paralympic athletes at the U.S. Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs, Colo., Aug. 9, 2012. The TV in the background broadcast the gold medal ceremony for the U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


President Obama jogs to the stage at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, August 9


School teacher Christy Howard of Colorado Springs introduces President Barack Obama at Colorado College


Pueblo, Colorado, August 9



Romero’s Cafe and Catering, Pueblo




Amk! Katie Taylor, the greatest sportswoman in the history of planet earth, won boxing gold today 😎 This is her home town reacting calmly to the result:


A Beautiful Day….

President Obama hugs introducer DeAnne Stanberry, a nurse, during an election campaign rally in Grand Junction

Grand Junction High School, Colorado

More photos at The Denver Post




12:45: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event at the Colorado State Fairgrounds

2:50: Departs Pueblo

3:20: Arrives in Colorado Springs

4:45: Delivers remarks at a campaign event

6:25: Departs Colorado Springs

9:45: Arrives at the White House



President Obama at Pueblo Memorial Airport, Colorado, August 8


Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colorado


Rise and Shine



1:40: President Obama delivers remarks calling on Congress to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling on July 1


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NYT Editorial: The political feud between the White House and Congressional Republicans has now culminated in a House oversight committee vote to cite Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. for criminal contempt. His supposed crime is failing to hand over some documents in an investigation of a botched gunrunning sting operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

The Republicans shamelessly turned what should be a routine matter into a pointless constitutional confrontation. And the White House responded as most administrations do at some point: it invoked executive privilege to make a political problem go away.

…. Mr. Issa has relished making this investigation a political fight….There was no reason the House committee and the Justice Department could not work out a deal to produce the documents requested, or some form of them. Instead, they show again that every issue, large or small, can be turned into ammunition for political combat.

Full editorial here






TPM: Mitt Romney’s campaign asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott to downplay his state’s job growth after several press releases from the governor’s campaign and messages from the Florida Chamber of Commerce trumpeted gains for the month of May, according to Bloomberg News.

Florida’s unemployment rate dropped from 8.7 percent in April to 8.6 percent in May, though still significantly above the national rate of 8.2 percent.

A Romney adviser reportedly requested that Scott’s office say that Florida’s unemployment rate could improve faster under a Romney presidency….

The development is perhaps one of the clearest examples of the messaging predicament the Romney campaign finds itself in …. when you ask Republican governors how things are going, especially in swing states, the economic picture starts to brighten considerably…

More here




First Lady Michelle Obama greets patrons before eating lunch at Nacho’s Restaurant in Pueblo, Colo., June 20, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)



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The photographer: I attended the final Colorado campaign stop that Barack Obama made on 01 Nov 2008, a few days prior to the election …. I actually cried taking this photograph.

I’ve been to thousands of political rallies. I’ve been a delegate, a campaign worker, a political activist. I’ve shaken hands with lots of players in this game. Politics doesn’t usually get to me anymore. I have laughed, screamed, spoken out, marched, or swore… but never cried until that day in Pueblo. When Michelle Obama finished her pep talk and introduced her husband, I looked through my camera’s viewfinder and cried.

This photograph is special because it captures a personal moment between husband and wife, in front of a great public, and conveys an emotion we don’t normally see.

I cried over the personal sacrifice of this couple in making this run for the highest office of our nation. But I also cried because their hope and courage revived in me what led me into politics all those years, rallies, and campaigns ago: belief in the audacity of hope to change our circumstances. I actually believe in this man and in his campaign, in his drive to bring a populist movement to life.

….I do believe this photo has historical merit because it shows a personal yet public moment from the last days of a long and arduous campaign. It exhibits love, which may seem an odd thing to convey in a political campaign, but actually may be the driving force behind why any politician, activist, or photographer does what they do.

More here

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