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‘Black Rage Is Founded On These Kinds Of Things’


**** Lauryn Hill Releases a Chilling Dedication to Michael Brown

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BLACK RAGE is founded on two-thirds a person
Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens
Black human packages tied up in strings
BLACK RAGE can come from all these kinds of things

BLACK RAGE is founded on blatant denial
Squeezed economics, subsistence survival
Deafening silence and social control
BLACK RAGE is founded on wounds in the soul

When the dogs bite
When the beatings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things, and then I don’t fear so bad

BLACK RAGE is founded: who fed us self hatred?
Lies and abuse, while we waited and waited
Spiritual treason, this grid and its cages
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things

BLACK RAGE is founded on draining and draining
Threatening your freedom to stop your complaining
Poisoning your water, while they say it’s raining
Then call you mad for complaining, complaining

Old time bureaucracy drugging the youth
BLACK RAGE is founded on blocking the truth
Murder and crime, compromise and distortion
Sacrifice, sacrifice, who makes this fortune?

Greed, falsely called progress
Such human contortion
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things

So when the dogs bite
And when the ceilings
And when I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad

Free enterprise, is it myth or illusion?
Forcing you back into purposed confusion
Black human trafficking or blood transfusion?
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things

Victims of violence, both psyche and body
Life out of context is living unGodly
Politics, politics
Greed falsely called wealth
BLACK RAGE is founded on denial of self

So when the dogs bite
And when the beatings
And when I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad…. so bad



Ferguson: A Community Stands Up For Its Rights





A Life Was Saved Today Thanks To ObamaCare



Jane C. Timm: Study: Obamacare Helping More Youth To Get Mental Health Treatment

Young adults have a higher risk of mental health problems and substance abuse – both issues that the U.S. health care system traditionally has struggled to treat. But according to a new study, the number of high-risk youth seeking and receiving affordable care is on the rise, thanks to an Obamacare provision that allows young people to stay on their parents’ health plan until they turn 26. Two million young people now have health care coverage because of the provision, the study notes, but the biggest shift has been with youth demographics that are most at risk.

Among 18-25 year olds exhibiting signs of mental health or substance abuse problems, 5.3% more received mental health care than a comparable group of 26-35 year olds, researchers from Johns Hopkins and Harvard found in the study, published this month in the health care journal Health Affairs. The cost of care has decreased, too: Uninsured doctor visits requiring patients to pay out of pocket were down 12.4%, while the number of covered visits rose 12.9%. Three-quarters of all mental illnesses begin by age 24, according to the National Institute of Health. Before the passage of the Affordable Care Act, nearly 60% of all mental health or substance abuse care for young Americans was paid for out-of-pocket. Mental health care coverage is often prohibitively expensive, a factor that respondents routinely cite as a reason for not seeking care.

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Ferguson In Images


Business Week


Yamiche Alcindor




Erika Maye


Childhood Ruiner


Trymaine Lee




Sons & Brothers: 150 teachers in #Ferguson decided to use the day off as a civics lesson by helping clean up


Rise and Shine

Randomness: Students show their excitement at meeting President Barack Obama during his visit to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School in New Orleans, La., Oct. 15, 2009 (Photo by Pete Souza)



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Early Bird Chat

 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

 Pete Souza: “The Obama family made an unannounced visit to tour the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., the night before the President made remarks at the official dedication of the memorial.” Oct. 14, 2011


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